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Europe 2014 – The recap

Hello, ciao, yassou, guten tag, olâ, السلام عليك, hoi! That would be english, italian, german, greek, arabic and dutch, representing the last 25 days of my life! It was an absolutely fantastic trip from beginning to end, as always over a little too soon, but all good things must come to an end sooner or later….

One day to go… *sob*

In about… 14 hours I will be landing at YYZ Toronto… bah humbug! 😉 Hello once again in what will be the last or one of my last blog entries from this particular trip. I tried to write an entry last night but my eyes didn’t agree with that particular idea, quickly closing on me, so…


Au revoir, Marrakech! Last leg of the trip starts today! Sort of.

Just chilling out in the Riad before my 8pm flight tonight, I think I’ll catch a taxi to the airport around 5:30pm – I’ve got to go through customs and whatever on the way out, so it might take a bit of time. I don’t think the airport is very much to look at /…


Marrakech Day 2 – The internet still sucks lol

Well hello there! Welcome to yet another episode of Ryan on the Run. Or Ryan at Large. Or Ryan Meets World. Whatever. Today was a good day in Marrakech! I booked a tour to see some waterfalls, and it went really well. I joined a couple of ladies who had also booked the same tour…

Hello from Marrakech!

Good evening! No pictures today, my connection is terrible and it would likely take me all night to upload something :p sorry! I got up this morning in Lisbon and enjoyed a nice morning around the city. It was great to be back, nice just to hang around. I tried to sleep in a bit,…


Back in LISBON!!! *crowd goes wild*

Guess who’s back… back again…. yeah that doesn’t really work for me. But anyway, I’m back in Lisbon! So excited to have the chance to stop over here for a night, it’s such a lovely city, wonderful country, and it’s so cool to go back somewhere and just totally know your way around. Feels a…



Posting before I fall asleep… Climbing Niesen!

Bonjour all! It’s only around 6:30pm here, but I thought I had better make a post while my body was still more or less functional, and I’m not sure how much longer exactly that will last. Currently relying on the random outbursts from the TV (watching some FIFA) to keep me up. SO! Woke up…

DSCN4821 (2)

On the water in Bern!

Good evening… it is nice and late, so this might be short. Quick wrap-up on Saturday, Sam and I went for a climb up a nearby mountain sort of thing which I do not remember the name of right now, will have to get that later. It was a HIKE!!!! 20 min bike ride to…


And we’re back….. from Switzerland!

Hello all – long time no see! It’s been a few days since my last post, unfortunately I haven’t had terribly reliable internet recently, plus it’s just been super busy. Oh well, back now! Let’s back track a bit… Last we spoke we had arrived into Athens and gotten settled into the hotel I believe….


Hello from Athens!

I can’t say or type “hello” in Greek so I’m not gonna do that here, but you get the idea. We’re in Greece! It’s wonderful to be back, I have great memories of being here last year with a really cool group of hostel people – we had a lot of fun exploring the city…