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Photo of the Week – London, England

With all the conversation over #brexit this week I thought it only appropriate that my photo of the week should be from London, England – now former (almost) member of the EU. My opinion on this particular decision is pretty clear, but it’s not my country and I’m not going to go into a huge rant on…


Thinking about how my big trip around the world came to be!

So instead of a Photo of the Week I’ve got a video for you and a small story! Mid-2012 I was at a bit of a cross roads… my time with Best Buy was great, but I was starting to get bored and trying to decide “what next”… I’d reached the position I had aspired…


Photo of the Week – Lisbon

Every time I think about Europe I gravitate back to Lisbon – it’s one of the first cities I ever visited in Europe while I was on my European cruise and it’s held a special place in my heart since then. This particular shot is a great view from an observation deck of one of…


Photo of the week – Take a jump!

In recent days I’ve been thinking more and more about risks, and this picture kinda sums up my thoughts on the matter. Take a jump! This particular picture is the look of pure terror in the split second between sitting on the edge of the plane, and… well… not. In case you’re wondering what it’s…


Photo of the Week – The island of Hydra, Greece

As I was dreaming about flying away soon, my mind took me back to Hydra, one of the beautiful Greek islands I visited in 2013. This is a picture taken from on top a hill after climbing through some very windy streets, houses built on mountains, some incredible history and natural beauty. You can read…


Photo of the week – Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

From one of my trips to London I took the train to Edinburgh, Scotland and did not regret it one bit. My pic of the week this week is of the view from Arthur’s Seat – a fantastic climb with an incredible view. While in Edinburgh I got to see some pretty cool buildings and the…


Photo of the Week – The island of Frioul in Marseille

As I was wrapping up my trip around the world one of my last stops was Lyon and Marseille in France, and I particularly enjoyed Marseille. A beautiful city surrounded by water, from here I had the chance to visit the island of Frioul and take in some of the amazing sights. This time of…


Photo of the Week – My favourite beach

You might imagine that my favourite beach in the world was somewhere off the coast of Spain, or maybe one of the incredible beaches in Hawaii but you’d be wrong. My favourite beach in the world is this incredible rock beach on the South Island of New Zealand. I can remember flying from Auckland to…


Photo of the Week – Arriving in Sydney

This weeks photo is the first time I set eyes on the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the Rhapsody of the Seas slowly approached Sydney Harbour to wrap up a 19 day cruise from Honolulu, Hawaii to Sydney, Australia marking the true beginning of my trip around the world. You can…

Climbing Niesen

Photo of the week – Climbing Niesen

Alright so not doing a great job with the whole “photo of the week” thing, but here’s my throw back to climbing Niesen with Jana’s sister Nina! Had a blast, need to get back to Switzerland again soon! And here is the original blog post where I talk about the climb 🙂