About Me


And welcome to my new Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my adventures over the next year or so. But let’s start at the beginning…

Who am I?

My name is Ryan Strauss, I’m 25. I’ve been working at Best Buy since October 2006, before that (and technically during that) I was homeschooled, worked for an online hosting company, ran my own little company when I was too young to know what that meant (though cool name – Ryguy Associates), had a competition with my elementary school principal to see who could get in the newspaper more, have two younger siblings, a fantastic mother who was a school teacher, small business owner, life coach, rotarian and great mom, and a terrific father who is a computer consultant, rotarian and awesome father.

What am I doing?

Homeschooling worked out well for me, I could argue that I’m one of the success stories there. I got bored in school and wasn’t a huge fan, so with the support of my parents, left in Grade 7. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot working for an online hosting company called Invision Power Services, and from there jumped into a career (though that wasn’t originally the intent) with Best Buy Canada.

I’ve always considered my work free education – it’s what I’ve done to learn a lot of the life skills I now posses. Best Buy was great for me because it allowed me to take on so much responsibility at a relatively young age, and do so much to impact a store, a group of people, and a company.

But I feel I missed out a bit – my sister went to University in Ottawa, and while I would never (ever!) call it “all fun”, it had a certain aspect of fun, relaxation (first year!), and social that I missed out on.

As a result, this is the next step in my journey of self taught life lessons – I’m taking a trip around the world.

A trip around the world?

Well yeah, that’s the plan. I’ve done some travelling in my 25 years on this thing we call Earth, and I caught the bug. Nothing quite as extreme as this mind you, but it’s gotten me to this point, so may as well take the dive.

What’s the plan?

Well that’s what this site will chronicle, I hope to have a detailed map, “Where’s Ryan” sort of thing, and all that good stuff on here. So not only will you be able to see my plans, but more importantly I’ll be able to see them, and actually remember them! (memory is not a strength).

I can tell you now that I’m starting off in vacation mode – I’ll be heading to Vancouver for a few days to visit the people I’ve been working with from afar at Best Buy Corporate HQ, then hopping on a plane to Hawaii for a few days of relaxation, and then a 19 day cruise from Hawaii to Australia. From there, I’ll be backpacking or hosteling, or staying with friends through what I hope to be approx. 25 different destinations.

So that’s me!

I’ll be updating this more, especially as we get a bit closer to the big day. I’m trying to keep the trip planning a little loose, because frankly I have a tendency to over plan, giving me the option to stay longer in somewhere I love, or hop on a plan and boot it out of somewhere I hate.

Thanks for visiting, talk to you soon!

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