Trip coming soon – communication plan!

So the trip is coming soon – four days from today I’ll be in the air en route to Amsterdam!

That in mind, I’m really excited to share pieces of this experience with anyone who’s interested in following along. For any IKEA junkies I’m planning on visiting the Delft store in the Netherlands which is our “concept store” where Inter IKEA Systems does a lot of the testing and training of the concept (more information here). I’ll be sure to post some pictures to Instagram, Facebook and probably jot down a quick post on the blog.

The highlight of the trip for me begins on Monday, Oct 2nd in Geneva, Switzerland – home of the UNHCR. Monday is a packed day with a working lunch and exchange of ideas and experiences followed by some UNHCR presentations. In the evening we’ll be heading over to the beautiful Bâtiment des Forces for the reception and awards ceremony where the Nansen Award will be presented to Zannah Mustapha from Nigera in recognition for his dedication and commitment to ensuring children and orphans affected by the conflict in the Borno State can attend school.

Mustapha’s work in the region also includes mediating between Boko Haram and the Nigerian government. His efforts have the resulted in the release of more than 100 kidnapped Chibok school girls.

The following day I’ll be having a group breakfast with the award winner, Zannah Mustapha (wow!) and later attending a forum organized by the UNHCR to discuss how the private sector can harness the skills and talents of refugees.

It will be an incredible two days that I’m very much looking forward to. During this time I’ll also be inside the UNHCR building and do my best to get a tour of the UN Palais des Nations. I’ll be blogging about the experience and posting live to Instagram and Facebook throughout the day.

Following this awesome experience I’m excited to take a short break from everything and do some exploring in Switzerland! I’ll be traveling to Bern to stay at a friends place for a few days (thanks Jana!!!!) with a train pass in hand, taking an opportunity to see as much of Switzerland as I possibly can! On Friday I’ll be taking the Glacier Express to St. Moritz where I’ll be staying at the beautiful Hotel Waldhaus Sils for a couple days to relax before flying home on Monday.

And that’s the trip! So if you’re interested in following along with any part of it keep an eye on the blog here, check out my Instagram @ryanstrauss and my Facebook.

Now… to finish packing!