Victoria Falls and Tour Wrap Up

After a really incredible 10 days the tour came to an end today in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This was my first organized tour that I’ve travelled with (beyond day trips etc) and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

The Intrepid team took really good care of us, they managed the logistics and people very well and were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Intrepid or in particular this tour to anyone.

It was really nice to have the flexibility to wander around on your own a bit while knowing that the bus was there waiting for you, and not having to worry about your stuff sneaking off if you’re not watching it.

The group was great – I think in general people who do these tours tend to have similar personalities which makes traveling with them fun. In this group we had lots of seasoned travelers so it was great to hear their stories and start to think about where to go next based on some of their suggestions! They were also great in providing some ideas of what to do in Cape Town which is super helpful.

Overall it’s hard to pick out a favourite – it was all really cool, lots of amazing animals up close and some absolutely breath taking scenery. I’d say the game drive in Chobe is probably my fav for animals, the White Water Rafting in Vic Falls was the most exciting and also I’d say the most visually breathtaking.

That being said the rest is not very far behind. Really no bad days here. I am a bit over the camping but I’d say my biggest problem there was the constant taking down and setup of the tents. I slept wonderfully each night regardless of bed or tent (some of the best sleeps of my life!) so I can’t complain about that at all. If we were in one place longer camping would have been a little more pleasant.

The food was incredible. Can’t say anything bad about it at all. Our wonderful tour guide and driver were also our cooks and they had a great meal waiting for us every day, often times featuring some traditional African meals which was really nice. Often times cooked over a fire I was incredibly impressed with their ability to put together a great meal with very little. Puts my cooking to shame for sure!

We came in the wet season and I know we’ve heard that in the dry season it’s a lot easier to see animals but I’m quite happy with what we saw and actually happy it was wet as it really gave us some great views of these lush green mountains, gardens whatever which I think really improved the experience. As it was also the “slow season” we had a lot of the places to ourselves.

It would have been nice to see the salt plains in Nata but obviously no one can control the weather so it’s hard to complain too much. Elephant Sands was pretty good – the location itself was awesome, the game drive was so/so. I think I had a better view of elephants in Chobe really.

And then there was the Chobe sunset cruise which was just a little ridiculous. That tour guide needs to go. Really ruined it for everyone which is too bad. Certainly doesn’t wreck the trip but it was a nice opportunity that was squandered.

I’m looking forward to spending some more time with my pictures to really see what I’ve got – I’ve had a few quick chances to go in and peek but haven’t had a chance to dig in. We did take a look at the video and pics from white water rafting and it turned out suuuuuuper well. We’re also going to do a photo sharing between all of us once we’re home so it’ll be nice to see everyone else’s pictures too.

So I think that’s my wrap up. I’m on SA041 right now from Victoria Falls to Jo’burg where I’ll have a few hour layover before catching the flight to Cape Town where I plan on grabbing an Uber from the airport to the Marriott that I’m staying at. Tonight I’ll just kind of get myself organized a bit and have a really nice long shower and then tomorrow morning I’ve got Robben Island booked for 11am and in the afternoon I’ll do the hop on/hop off tour to get up to Table Mountain. Here’s hoping for a really nice and clear day!