Last day in Botswana!

The 10 day adventure is very quickly coming to an end! Today was our last day in Botswana.

We woke up this morning early as always and hopped in the bus for a 4 hour drive from Elephant Sands to Chobe National Park. The drive was pretty quick compatibly and rather uneventful. We stopped to change out some money and pickup some food for lunch as we were on a bit of a tight timeline.

There was an optional game drive today set for 12:00 for $40, 6 of us wound up going – mostly those who weren’t staying on for the rest of the tour (an extra 8 days). I wound up going to it as today will be my last “animal” day and it was quite good. We got some up close elephants – very up close to the point where I was pretty sure they’d charge the car. Up close giraffes, a pregnant hippo giving us a glare as she crossed the road in front of us and a bunch of other animals who popped out to say hello. It was a good 3 hours.

Right afterwards we joined the rest of the group for a 3 hour sunset boat cruise which was also shared with another group. The drive from Chobe was quite quick and we got dropped off in perfect timing.

So I’ll say this for the tour – concept is lovely, and the boat itself was very nice. There’s lots to see of course as you’re in the water surrounding Chobe and it’s quite popular as there is a point in the water that actually connects four separate countries.

The only problem we had was the tour guide running the tour, who was absolute shit. He was rambling on forever about absolute nonsense and took us around to see basically three animals over three hours stopping for ridiculous amounts of time at each, and stopping for totally random reasons.

I was not terribly impressed, and wound up being very happy that I had paid for the extra game tour in Chobe as otherwise we’d have seen very little of the park with the sunset cruise.

After the cruise we came back and were greeted with a wonderful BBQ cooked by Timone and Shemani including awesome baked garlic bread, buttered potatoes and all sorts of other yummy stuff! Delicious!

We ran over the plan for tomorrow, our last full day. We’ll be leaving even earlier than normal (6:30am) so that those of us who want to go white water rafting (me! me! me! There’s 6 of us) will be able to get there in time. Apparently the border is quite inefficient to cross (they write out all the VISA’s by hand) and it seems Canada has pissed Zimbabwe off as they charge us the most of all countries ($75) for a visa! Not very nice. So there’s a nice expensive day tomorrow.

After that there should be some time to wander around Victoria Falls before camping one last night. The following day I fly out at 1:30pm to Cape Town where I’ll be spending 3 days before flying into Zurich for a day then 3 days in Amsterdam.

While this part is coming to an end it’s nice to know I’ve still got some time trekking around to do before I go home!

Anyway it’s been pouring rain here and just stopped, the bugs are a plenty so I think I’m going to go and get ready for bed.