Day 2 in the Okavango Delta – a little stroll

Another early morning today, up at 5:30am to get ready for our four hour trek through the Okavango Delta. Still dark, I rolled out of bed after another wonderful sleep (though not long enough) and had quick apple and some toast to start things off.

At 6:30am we were loaded into the canoes and sent off into the grassy waterway to get us to the “main island”. Took about 20 minutes to get there, again a really cool journey. We off loaded and split into groups, then made our way deeper into the Delta.

It was still quite early but already getting getting quite warm. Trekking around we saw a few birds and other things before coming up to a herd of Zebra! Still quite far away we gradually made our way closer and closer and got remarkably close. Got some great pictures, and then eventually they got scared away so I got a very cool video of that! Was the highlight for sure of the walk.

We continued for a while longer seeing some smaller animals, apparently some rare birds and a few other things but that was the main event of the walk. Overall it took us about 4 hours out there, and it was really incredible. I stopped myself for a minute out there and thought to myself what I’d normally be doing right about now at home, and really took a minute to remind myself just how amazing this trip is.

Very happy to be here.

We took the canoes back – one of our group wasn’t feeling well so he wound up going back a bit early which meant we were down one canoe..So we fit three in one which weighed it down quite a bit. Our poor pula had a bit of a rough time on some patches but did very well. Again the scernry was lovely coming back. Wonderful way to travel. 

Had a great brunch when we got back – really nice selection of scrambles eggs, sausage, some other meats, toast and some other yummy stuff. Amazing the stuff they can do with a fire! I couldn’t make meals half this good and I’ve got a full kitchen at my disposal!

After brunch it was time for another swim, lovely again. So beautiful and such a delightful experience just being out there amongst the tall grass enjoying this spectacular water hole.

Stayed out there about an hour before returning to camp. Chatted for a bit before heading into my tent – I was a bit tired and we had four hours till our next activity so I took a little afternoon siesta which was perfect.

Woke up around 3 and joined in a game of Mafia with a bunch of us which was incredibly entertaining. I’ll need to remember that one for group games.

5:30 arrived a few games later and we got ourselves ready for another venture out into the canoes for a sunset ride. We visited the hippo pond but unfortunately they were all out exploring other parts of the Delta so it was empty, but we got a wonderful view of the sunset from there. Really beautiful.

Just after the sun set it started to rain so we got back to camp in perfect time. It rained for about 15-20 mins or so, of course I didn’t bring my rain jacked so I was offered one of the seats from the canoe to wear on my head. Passed quite quickly, we’re lucky to have had only that short burst.

Just as the rain wrapped up Timone rang the dinner bell. They had cooked chicken over the fire perfectly – another amazing meal. They also had potatoes and a really nice vegetable stew that tasted delightful. Great last dinner in the Delta.

After dinner we were told that the pulas wanted to put on a show for us, so they did some singing and dancing of a few traditional African songs followed by one we could follow in English. For some reason one of them chose me to get up and do some dancing alongside them which everyone else found quite funny. My white boy dancing doesn’t exactly compare so I’m sure the entertainment value was high. Then we just enjoyed the campfire for a while, did some chatting and now (10pm) I’m off to bed!

Up at 630 tomorrow – bit of a sleep in! Then we backup camp and return to Maun. We have a flight booked for the afternoon to fly over the Delta which will be cool.