It’s time to fly!

With just under 26 hours to go the backpack is packed (everything fits!), all shopping is done, the hair is cut and I’m ready to go!

Last week I did a little pre-trip flying at iFly in Oakville and was surprisingly impressed with indoor skydiving… so impressed that I picked up another visit to help with my post-trip depression (it’s a real thing!). The pictures turned out great – I was pretty impressed with the whole experience, even if it is considerably harder to stay up than the pros make it look! Actual skydiving seems easy in comparison lol. You’re going down – like it or not.

Anyway, the last few days have been busy with pre-trip prep and a little pre-trip bug that I’ve been battling to get myself 100% by tomorrow. I should be good to go – I think today is the last day (or so I’m telling myself). All the little things that still needed to be bought have been bought, I got a pretty-close-to-buzz-cut to make it a little easier to manage for 10 days without a real bathroom, and tonight I got everything packed away! It feels good!

I’ve decided to try Melatonin for the first time to see if it’ll help me on the plane ride tomorrow night – it would be really nice if I could sleep overnight on the flight to Frankfurt and then again on the flight to Johannesburg, so I’m crossing my fingers on that one. Sadly the pillow that I ordered did not ship in time – I got notification a couple days ago that it was picked up from China where I guess they’re made, but there’s no chance it’ll be here for tomorrow. That’s quite unfortunate as I was really hoping to have that, but it’s not like I’m losing out on anything that I had before so not a big deal.

Work wise I’ve been scrambling to get everything wrapped up nicely for two weeks. It’s amazing how much work it takes to take a vacation! And I’m not even going to think about the inbox I’ll have waiting for me when I get back… really. I’m not going to think about it. And I’ve already pledged not to open my email before I step foot back in the office. When I leave the office tomorrow the app notifications get disabled, out of office reply is on and I’m outta there! Work laptop is staying home 🙂

Thinking about this trip vs the big around the world thing, I can confidently say that I have spent about 5x more planning and packing for this trip than I did when I left for 9 months. Maybe I’m just getting older :p I think a part of it too is that when I travel in general I always tell myself anything I forget I can always find there. In this case, that may not work quite as well.

Weather wise it’s looking great – Frankfurt is 15 degrees and Johannesburg is 25. The last couple of days here have been snowmageddon – huge dump of snow, freezing (-8) cold and just generally unpleasant, so I’m looking forward to a bit of warmth! It’s the end of the rainy season in Africa so I’m expecting some short bursts of rain but overall it looks pretty good right now.

So anyway, this is the kickoff post for the trip! I’m planning on blogging daily, WiFi is not exactly guaranteed but I’ll upload when I can. Thursday I’ll be in Frankfurt for the day and hanging out with some IKEA people which I’m looking forward to, then I’ve got the first of my super long 11 hour flights from Frankfurt to Johannesburg. Then I’ve got the day to explore Johannesburg before meeting up at the hotel with the rest of the group.

Luckily I get one good night of sleep at the hotel before we embark so I’m counting on my body holding out until then, and hopefully getting some solid sleep on the plane! If the travel gods really like me maybe I’ll get a three seater to myself 😉 hear that Air Canada???? We’ll see how it goes.

So I guess… what’s next?!