And then there were ten. Days left. Until… you know, the trip.

Excitement is starting to kick in. As well as a bit of dread when I look at the amount of work to get done in the next few days before I leave. But more excitement than dread. It’s also beginning to click that I should probably start getting ready for this. There are still a few things to get for the trip, and then there’s the whole packing thing. In general I’m more of a last minute packer (went away for 9 months, packed 1hr before leaving for the airport), but to have the best experience I’m trying to plan ahead a little bit.

10 days really isn’t a lot of time, but I do have one weekend left in there!

I’m also starting to mentally prepare for the craziness that will be the first few days of the trip. On the Wednesday that I fly out I’ll be working the day, coming home for a few hours and then heading off to the airport for an evening flight to Frankfurt. I’m hoping I’m tired enough to get some sleep, though my track record with that is not all positive and the super cool pillow I ordered doesn’t look to me like it’s going to get here on time 🙁

In Frankfurt I’ve got a full day of being awake and meeting up with some IKEA buddies before catching another overnight flight (this time for 11 hours) in to Johannesburg. Now luckily here I do have a hotel for the night (the only hotel I’ll be seeing for 10 days), but it’s also my only day in Johannesburg so I’m hoping I’ll be able to muster up some energy to get out and enjoy the city before meeting up with the tour group at 6pm.

All of this will of course also be helped by a +6 hr and +7 hr time difference in Germany and Johannesburg, so here’s hoping my body still likes me after this one 😛

Anyway I’ve got to start getting myself loaded up with some videos, books and things to entertain myself along this hop across continents. Before I go I also booked my iFly adventure (indoor skydiving) that my brother got me for Christmas this coming Wednesday so I’m looking forward to that!

Anyone got any good movies for me to watch on the flight??? 😉