22 days!

Countdown is totally on, and there’s only 22 days left until wheels up from Pearson!

Itinerary is getting pretty close to final, booked the hotel in Cape Town today in what appears to be a pretty nice area down by the water. Apparently a car is the best way to get around the city so I’m checking out some car rentals and we’ll go from there.

It’s actually starting to sneak up on me, so I think it’s probably a good idea to start to think “packing”. This week and next I’ll work on that a bit. I got an email from the pillow thing I ordered and it sounds like they’re delayed, so I’m having my doubts that I will get it in time for the trip which is quite sucky. I was looking forward to having that. Will need to find a backup option – some sort of sleep on these 44 someodd hours of flights would be most appreciated. There’s a +7 hour time difference so that’ll be a fun adjustment!

Next step is to look at a few things to do in Johannesburg and Cape Town and try to iron out the “must dos” in the Amsterdam area, if any. There’s a few people I’m looking forward to seeing in Frankfurt, maybe Zurich and for sure The Hague/Amsterdam so it’s getting to be time to coordinate! I’m starting to think about not being at work for two weeks… I was off this past Friday and Monday and had a small avalanche of stuff to deal with from that alone so this will be interesting! I’m not taking my work laptop and am planning on turning off my email 😀 full disconnect!

Anyway that’s it for now – time to get some sleep!