Hacker cleanup and all flights booked!

Well I came on today expecting to write a quick post before bed only to find my little blog had been very rudely hacked by a few people. They kindly avoided deleting too much, which I really do appreciate (thank you!) but they did totally wipe out my last post about the South Africa trip, so that’s too bad.

After getting rid of the obvious two hacked posts I had to do a little database diving to find the other stuff they hacked, adding annoying links all over the place for search engine manipulation. So that took me a bit longer than I had anticipated but at least I caught it rather quickly. It’s been a while since I’ve been sifting through apache logs in the shell prompt, digging through phpMyAdmin! I kind of miss it :p so thank you hackers – it was a nice throw back.

It looks to me like it was an SQL injection hack, so with WordPress upgraded hopefully that patches things. I also tightened up security a bit around the rest of the system, guess we’ll see if this post stays up or if I missed something.

But moving right along.

As I was saying, I originally came on here tonight to say that all my flights are completely, finally, totally booked! I decided on Cape Town so I’ve booked a flight in from Victoria Falls on Mar 26th, will arrive that night and spend two full days before leaving the morning of March 29th. Next step is to start on the hotel bookings and start to iron out what I want to do where. I’ve also got to grab a car for Cape Town, but otherwise transit should be fine everywhere.

So yay! 35 days to go, still lots of stuff to do to prepare but I’m glad that the final step is completed for flights.

That’s it for now, hopefully this post survives and I’ll post more later 🙂