Photo of the Week – Pantheon, Rome

So I missed last week – oops! It was a pretty crazy whirlwind of a week – I participated in a great IKEA training all week at the Etobicoke store focused around the IKEA Concept. It was a really intense week, but it was very worth the time and gave me a much better understanding of the depth that IKEA has behind its culture and values.

Anyway – photo of the week! I was scrolling through my pictures and as I’m going up and down it struck me how cool it is that I have all these amazing pictures and memories tied to them. Just a quick glimpse reminds me of people I met, things I was doing, weird things that happened to me, funny things, whatever. Just little sparks! This particular picture struck me with a quick spark of emotion. I love spending time in Rome – it’s one of the few places I’ve revisited again and again. I think I’m at three or four trips now and I’d happily go again.

This is the Pantheon in Rome – it’s a beautiful building with a dome inside that looks out. It’s one of many spectacular buildings in Rome which I love exploring again and again. It of course has an incredible history which you can read about, but for me it brings back memories of the cobblestone streets, wandering around getting gelato at all hours, spending time with my cousin in her husbands native Bologna, and of course the food – pizza, pasta… mmm! Love it!