Thinking about how my big trip around the world came to be!

So instead of a Photo of the Week I’ve got a video for you and a small story!

Mid-2012 I was at a bit of a cross roads… my time with Best Buy was great, but I was starting to get bored and trying to decide “what next”… I’d reached the position I had aspired to, and things were kind of moving in a direction I wasn’t wanting to go in, but I didn’t know what to do, and at that time I was pretty good at staying in my safe zone.

I was doing ok money wise so I figured I could take the money and buy a house, or… something on the internet sparked my interest. There was a video posted by a guy named Matt Harding who basically travelled the world and took videos of himself dancing with groups of people in countries all over the world. By now I had been bitten by the travel bug a bit after my European Cruise, so suddenly I started to think a little more about how I could travel.

My friend Shauna in Australia kept bugging me to visit her and one day I think I said there’s no way I wound visit you for a week or two given how long the flight is, I’d basically have to quit my job and just travel for a while, and then stay in Oz for a bit. And… pop. Spark. Kerpow? I don’t know how to vocalize that one, but things came together pretty quickly after that.

I booked a cruise from Hawaii to Australia, started gathering my money and went to talk to my General Manager at the time and say I was heading out. I gave Best Buy a couple months notice so we could transition in a really good way, and started to tell people what was up. In October of 2012 I packed my bag – literally about two hours before leaving for the airport, and began the trip of a lifetime going all the way around the world in about 8 1/2 months.

I can’t say exactly the sequence of events that led to this decision, or what would have happened if one piece was missing, but I do consider Matt’s journey to have been a big influence on my own and for that reason I was beyond excited to see that he was coming to Toronto this past week. It was so cool to meet this guy I’d seen in videos for years, and even cooler to know that I was now going to be in his next one!

He took a few minutes and talked with everyone, when it got to me I got to tell him a little about my journey and we recorded a video of us dancing together… or me just flapping my arms around I guess.

Anyway that’s my story, and will work as my “Photo of the Week”! It was a thrill to meet him and think back to the influence he’s had in my life. Here’s that video from 2012 in case you’re curious.