Rio, here I come!

In 1 day, 2 hours, 19 minutes and 35 seconds I will be anxiously waiting for the “go” signal from the control tower for us to high tail it outta here! This trip will knock one more continent off the list leaving only Antarctica for me… which will be a challenge, I admit, however I feel I’m up to the task!

Quick recap of the last month – I had a quick whirlwind trip to Germany that lasted about 48 hours for work. Great to see Frankfurt, visit the Christmas Market there, have some bratwurst and wander around the city. Getting back was a bit crazy, lots to catch up on even for a couple of days missed and Christmas quickly snuck up on me! We had a great family Christmas this year, pretty low key though we did have Sarah, who was an exchange student 5 years ago come back to visit and share the day with us which was very nice!

The last few days have been pretty mental as we’ve been running the final pay period of the year at IKEA and getting all sorts of year end activities finished up, plus I’ve been trying to cram all my work in to the last few days before I leave tomorrow so it’s been a bit stressful.

You might think with me leaving in a little over 24 hours I’d be fully packed, but then you clearly don’t know me very well. I did find my suitcase today, and have thrown some clothes into the laundry, so I’m on the right track. I should be able to get through most of the packing tonight – which puts me several hours ahead of previous trips. I did have a lovely massage tonight to prepare for vacation, then I went shopping to see if I could find some shorts but that seems to be nearly impossible this time of year. Might need to get something while I’m there.

As for Rio itself I’ve got a very loose agenda. I’ll be there for about 9 days, flying in on the 31st around noon. With any luck I’ll have gotten a bit of sleep on the plane which will really really help, since New Years in Rio is supposed to be incredible I’d really like to be awake for it. Copacabana Beach holds about 2 million people New Years Eve and it’s near impossible to get out until 4am or 5am. Hotels in the area hold early buffet breakfasts around 2am-5pm to ring in the New Year and then I guess you eventually make it back and crash. Unfortunately I’m not staying within walking distance of the beach, so I’ll be caught up in that somehow!

I also know for sure that I want to see the Christ the Redeemer statue as well as a new Museum of Tomorrow that just opened a couple weeks ago. I’m looking forward to spending some time on the beach, and then for everything else I’ll make plans when I get there! I don’t want to pack it super tight – this is supposed to be somewhat of a “relax” vacation, but I think it’ll still be pretty busy.

I tried to get some Brazilian Real currency but it seems that it’s not that easy to find here, so I ordered some to arrive tomorrow… with any luck it’ll be here before I fly away but if not I’ll just have to take some money out there. I’ve been cautioned again and again about pickpockets so we’ll see how that goes – especially with 2 million people on the beach, though I’m not terribly concerned.

So yeah, that’s the plan! I’ll probably blog a bit while I’m there, though I don’t think I’m taking a laptop. I’m finalizing technology tonight – we’ll see how I feel. I am for sure not taking a work laptop!

Of course as this trip comes up I’m already thinking of the plan for the next trip – my cousin Janine is getting married in July so I’m looking forward to heading to Florida to celebrate that with them, and then to help with my “post trip depression” I’ve gotten a ticket to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Toruk” which looks incredible. The last show was on the day that I return, so after my little 10hr hop from Rio to Toronto which arrives around 6am I’ll be heading off to the ACC in Toronto for a 5:30pm show! I think a nap might happen along the way – we’ll see how it goes. And the work the next day!

So that’s the plan! I’ve got a little under two hours before I can check in, laundry is in, packing is being considered… talk to you in Rio!