Off again

Feeling great – back to the airport soon!

Next week I’m off to Germany for a quick work trip, only a couple days, but looking forward to seeing Frankfurt a bit. Never had a chance to visit when I was in Germany before, I was only in Berlin, but I really enjoyed my time there and loved the country so I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more of it!

And then there’s the biggie… which I’m beyond excited about now, a trip to Rio de Janeiro for New Years! I’m flying out Dec 30th at night, landing around noon on the 31st and staying until Jan 9th returning early in the morning on the 10th! The New Years celebrations in Rio are supposed to be pretty spectacular, and I’m staying down towards Copacabana which has a beautiful beach so I think it’s gonna be a great trip!!

I was about to hit the “buy” button on almost the same trip only leaving on the 31st and getting in on the 1st as I couldn’t find anything on the 30th that was leaving at night but I randomly searched a bit more and found this deal, $75 more, with direct flights (wheeee!!!!) so I’m pretty happy with it.

Investigation into things to do there will begin shortly, I already have a good idea for a few things. This is supposed to be a “relax” trip so I’m gonna try not to pack it too full and enjoy some reading on the beach, but… I do like to explore!

So that’s it, quick but excited entry!