State of the Union address

My fellow… right. Not the President.

Oh well. Hello! I realized recently that I haven’t added much to the blog recently and I felt a bit like writing tonight. You know sometimes you just get in the mood, so that’s where I am. I can’t promise this will be terribly interesting, but then I also can’t really say that’s of great concern to me.

So what’s up?

Starting with today and working backwards, I had the opportunity to volunteer with IKEA to plant some trees in Coronation Park in Oakville. This is one of our People and Planet sustainability initiatives, a partnership with Tree Canada and the City of Oakville. IKEA actually plans trees every year with each of it’s locations, but this is the first time we’ve held events like this where we try to involve outside organizations to bring kids in and get them involved too!

Sadly the other times that IKEA has been planting trees since I’ve joined I’ve either been out of the country or in another location, so this is the first time I’ve been able to plant trees with IKEA and I really enjoyed the opportunity – and got to have a little extra fun too!

First off I had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Oakville and talk about the IWitness program and the refugee situation a little bit which is always something I’m very very happy to do. I also spoke with the Tree Canada team about getting some information about that program shared through their blog, which could be an interesting outreach.

After planting three trees (gotta go back and watch them grow now!) the City team brought over a bucket truck that they use to go up and tend to the trees (which goes up 75ft in the air), and offered to give us some rides! I think it was intended for the kids, but of course we had to go and test it to make sure it was safe!!! (right??) 😛


So I took a little trip up which was a fun little thing to do that you wouldn’t really get the chance to do otherwise.

Overall a good day, and a really cool demonstration of some of the opportunities you get by working at IKEA 🙂 we’ve been talking a lot lately about what makes IKEA a great place to work and for me it’s things like this that I love to participate in.

So good start to the weekend!

On Friday it was my brothers birthday (happy birthday Gavin!) so we had a really nice family dinner. Also at IKEA right now is the Soft Toys for Education campaign, which will be followed by the Brighter Lives for Refugees. Both of these are particularly near and dear to my heart with some proceeds from sales of the Soft Toys and Light Bulbs going to the IKEA Foundation.

Very cool is that some (10 I think) of the Soft Toys were actually designed by kids from all around the world and put into production as limited edition Soft Toys! You can read more about it here, but yeah I’m really proud of this and of course have already bought a few, and donated a few back 🙂 we’ve also released a new product line called the LATTJO Collection which really focuses on family and kids and having fun at home.

Anyway this is starting to sound like an IKEA commercial, but we are doing some pretty cool stuff so it’s hard not to be proud!

Halloween was fun, I was a pirate and got to spend the evening with AJ, Heather and little Jordyn (first halloween!) watching some halloween movies and just having a good time. I’m in the process of figuring out how to decorate my place for Christmas – I’ve been debating a fake tree, but after talking to the Tree Canada guys I’m back towards thinking I need a real one. I also need a place to put it. So I’ve got to think about this a bit! It’s my first Christmas in my condo!

Otherwise… I’m looking at places for my next little vacation, I’ve moved away from the idea of a long weekend and am now firmly committed to grabbing a week somewhere… now lol. So I’m looking for something over the next few weeks, just waiting for the right thing to popup, but basically something warm and relaxing vs my normal exploratory trip. I think I just need some down time/reading time/turn off time!

So yeah that’s kinda where I am today, lots going on at work, lots of cool stuff coming up, some interesting possibilities on the horizon… we’ll see what happens!