It’s been a while! So this is going to be a bit of a whirl wind post.

Since we last talked I’ve been a bit busy – it’s been a really fun summer. This may sound a bit ridiculous (I’ve gotten some glares at the office), but after Alaska I went into a “what’s next” kind of mood where I didn’t really know where I was off to next, and I’ve come to realize that I really need that. Travel has become a pretty important part of my life, so even though it’s pretty short intervals between all this jumping around, it’s really important to me!

I guess for that reason I didn’t feel like blogging that much. It’s also been pretty crazy busy at work, most weekends we’ve been doing stuff, etc. However today I felt the motivation to post again just as a result of all this discussion about refugees (or “migrants”). So I thought I’d do a quick update on life to bring this thing up to date, then we’ll do another quick post on that whole thing.

So… sup?
P1010166July – ALASKA! It was a fantastic trip with the family, Rebecca and I went up to Vancouver a few days before everyone else and really had some fun together. It was great to explore Vancouver a bit with her, visit the island and see her friend Kate, have some of the “world’s best gelato”, see some of my friends, and then hit the cruise! It’s so hard to describe Alaska because the sights are absolutely breathtaking. The pictures don’t do it justice – at all. Ever.

We went zip lining, we did a whale watching ship, drove up on top of a glacier, took a train ride through the mountains, checked out some Alaskan towns, spent the night in Anchorage, ate way too much food, played some ping pong (which I beat my brother at – the only “sport” I am capable of doing this), listened to great music, did a behind the scenes tour of the ship, saw the Hubbard Glacier and just had a generally amazing time.

It’s not often we get to do “family vacations” anymore, and it was pretty cool. To be disconnected from the rest of the world and just get to hang out (all three of the “kids” in a single room again – yikes!) was something to always treasure and really remember.

Getting back from Alaska was a busy month at work, a couple of weekends after getting back I was feeling a little “show deprived” so I went to see Le Grand Cirque in Niagara Falls then my Mom and I went to see a terrific play called Newsies that I highly recommend! It was great.

IMG_1726A few weeks later in August we went up to North Bay to attend the baptism of my beautiful goddaughter Mary, and spend some time with her family – my cousin Steve and his wife Meredith and their two adorable little boys Jack and Ben.

I love spending time with the kids and family – Jack and Ben are really special little guys to me and we had a great time hanging out in North Bay with Rebecca, Mom and Dad – visiting a park with Ben (and going for a little train ride!) before attending the baptism on Sunday. I can’t believe how quickly Mary is growing up already!!! She was pretty much walking around, and it was adorable to see her on the trampoline jumping up and down with me!

For sure a “summer highlight”, it was a great weekend!

On the way back home we drove through our old stomping ground of Innisfil where we used to have our cottage. It was very nostalgic to drive through and see so many things the same, as well as so many new things. The variety store where we used to go at night to get some ice cream was still there so of course we had to stop in and grab one.

The cottage itself has changed a bit, but the structure – and deck that my Dad and his friends worked so hard on, is still there. It was a great cottage and we were so lucky to spend so many summers there as kids!

P1020131After North Bay we had a little family camping trip (minus Gavin) to Rock Point Provincial Park – great spot, and Dad found us the best site in the park. It was nice to get away for the weekend, veg and read books on the beach. Great good, great company, and of course Harley had fun.

I think we’ve been camping pretty much every year in recent history… I guess during cottage years we didn’t camp much, but after that I think it’s become a bit of a tradition, and it’s one that I really enjoy so it was really nice!

IMG_1991-HDRAnd that’s when I was starting to get a bit ansi again… it had been a little while since Alaska, I had no trips in sight so… I took a vacation day on the Friday before the long weekend in September, drove out to Buffalo Thursday night then flew out to Orlando on Friday morning!

It was super hot, but super nice! It’s been a few years since I was last in Orlando so lots of new things. I went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for a day and closed down the park – they have an awesome “memories” display at the end now which was really cool, and the fireworks were great.

I spent the next two days at Universal Resorts and Adventure Island – I was mesmerized by Harry Potter World on both sides – talk about AWESOME! I even had some Butterbeer! I really want to re-read the series now! It was such a captivating book series (though I really didn’t like the movies much).

Overall it was a pretty busy “weekend”, but I loved it. Just being up in the air again was wonderful, I stayed at a beautiful resort, and just really had a nice time. I think the next one now will have to be a truly “relax” trip though. I don’t like doing them that often, but I am feeling a bit worn out now so a weekend (or longer) on a beach isn’t a terrible idea. Maybe next month…

And that’s where I’m at! I got back here Sunday evening (or Monday morning actually) around 2am and it’s been a very busy week since. Lots of work stuff going on to keep me busy. So consider yourself up to date, and myself free to continue posting!