Next stop… Alaska!

If you’ve ever met me, or spent any time reading anything I’ve ever posted, you may have gotten the impression that I like to travel. So it it is with extreme pleasure that I’m now prepping myself for our family cruise next week to Alaska!!!!

We are now 11 days away from embarkation, but only 8 days away from taking off to Vancouver – for Becca and I anyway. We’re going a few days early to see some friends and hang out in Vancouver a bit before catching the cruise on Friday!

YVR-ISP-KTN-PSO-JNU-SGY-YAK-SWDI’ve never been to Alaska (looking forward to checking that off the list!), but I’m told the itinerary looks pretty good. We’re starting with two days of cruising (the day we board and the following day), specifically along the inner passage and then we dock at Ketechikan for a day. After that we’re tendered at Icy Strait Point, docked in Juneau, docked in Skagway, cruising along the Hubbard Glacier for a day and finally winding up in Seward!

We’ll be traveling from Seward into Anchorage, spending the night there, and then the following evening we’ll catch a plane home to Toronto!

So I’m really looking forward to it! The only concern I have is losing the “something to look forward to”, so I’m currently trying to plot a “what’s next” destination. There’s a cool conference I’d like to attend in New York in September, so I’m thinking a long weekend there might be good and then plan somewhere warm in January maybe.

The trip will be awesome, and interesting…. the three kids (me, Rebecca and Gavin) are all sharing a room for the first time in forever – a relatively small, though recently upgraded (to a balcony!!) room. So it will be very interesting 😛 we anticipate all returning, but you never know.

So that’s the news for now… I will have a ton of pictures I’m sure, and possibly one or two entertaining stories.