IWitness trip coming soon!

IMG_1181Still can’t say when or where, but I got the shirt and backpack today!!

Getting very (very) VERY excited for the IWitness Trip coming soon, and I just can’t hide it! Today I got the shirt, backpack and a little (but very handy) “Global Citizens Programme” from the IKEA Foundation… it’s starting to get real!!

I decided to go for a little trip after the IWitness Program to see some places I’ve been before, and some places I haven’t… starting off with Romania!! Some friends at the Service Office are from Romania and highly recommend it, so I’ll be there for a couple of days (and visiting Dracula’s Castle!!!!), then I’ll be off to Amsterdam, which is one of my favourite places in the world, followed by Belgium and Luxembourg – both new places I’m looking forward to exploring.

It is going to be a busy, exhausting, amazing, exhilarating, fantastic, educational, mind blowing trip. And I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!

I explained to the kids from my Running and Reading program yesterday what I’ll be doing and why I won’t be with them for a couple of weeks, and told them a bit about the IKEA Brighter Lives campaign and why it’s so important to have light in refugee camps… not entirely sure it sunk in, but I think it interested a few of them, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m looking forward to bring a lot of really powerful information back and sharing it with them as well! I’m currently working on what type of communication we might be able to have during the trip itself – it’d be so cool to have a Twitter account we can post live updates to (without revealing any locations or sensitive information of course), to kind of “tease” the trip, and then the big reveal once we’re out of the country!

It’s going to be such an amazing experience, but even more amazing will be the opportunity to bring all of this information back and share it with IKEA co-workers across Canada, and hopefully, the world!

So that’s my update… like I said, I won’t be able to say when or where I’m going yet, but I’ll share what I can when I can here! You can also keep an eye on the IKEA Foundation’s blog (http://blog.ikeafoundation.org/) as you’ll soon see some stuff from me there too!

Are you excited yet??!! 🙂