The “get me out of here” feeling

It’s happening again.

I’ve been in one place for way too long. It’s been about 5 months since I was in Richmond, and every bone in my body is saying “time to go!!!!”. I’ve been doing my very best to reassure said bones that there are trips coming up, but it seems communicating with bones is not as straightforward as one might think.

So needless to say – I’m ready to go! I keep looking at weekend deals to see if I can sneak away for a few days, only to be reminded of commitments I have that prevent me from going anywhere. I know, not exactly a horrible position to be in, I’m fully aware of how lucky I am, but… I’m ready to go.

That being said, less than a month before I leave for my UNHCR trip, and less than 90 days until the Alaskan Cruise… so both are coming really really soon, and I’m starting to get really excited! I’ve got a conference call to go over more details on the UNHCR trip this Tuesday (which is actually going to be a crazy busy day), and I’ve started to look at the excursions on the Alaskan cruise that I can take. I’m really getting interested in a helicopter ride up to one of the glaciers… so I think that’s gonna have to happen.

I’ve already started some “pre-work” on the video for the UNHCR trip, and I’ve got to start zoning into that even more over the next few weeks as I get more prepped. It’ll be great to have the call on Tuesday to get more details, and I think things will start to feel a bit more real then as well. It is a very exciting time… I just CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

Condo life is going good, I think I’ve got most of the furniture I need in now, which is exciting. I actually want to do a quick post sometime soon about all the stuff I’ve gotten from IKEA…… the cashiers are starting to get to know me by name now 😛 I have a very IKEA condo, unsurprisingly. I do actually need some furniture for my balcony now that it’s getting nicer out… might be a good week for a BBQ!!

I’ve started to get some of my pictures hung up, which has left me with the realization that I have more wall space than pictures – which is a fantastic position to be in. So I plan on printing more pictures soon. I love seeing my travels up on the walls.

So that’s it for now… that’s the update. Countdown is on, I’m ready to go!