I’m in! Welcome home!

Aloha! So it’s been an exciting and stressful week!

One week ago I got the keys to the condo… after a little drama. Originally there were some concerns that it might not close that day due to the error on the mortgage side. So I had a couple of trips back and forth to the bank, and back and forth to the lawyers, but at the end of the day (4pm’ish), I did finally get the call confirming that everything had been processed and the keys were ready to be picked up 🙂

I did a pretty gradual move in – I dropped off a bunch of boxes and stuff on Monday with my Dad, and then throughout the rest of the week between myself, my Dad (who by all rights, could call moving a second job now), and my friends AJ and Heather we got everything MOVED IN! The mattress was the big pain as that would have been a bit hard to transport with a car, so AJ stepped in with his truck to move that over.

Cable and TV were setup by Cogeco on Thursday, which I was really happy to get, and I was doing my best as an IKEA builder throughout the week. I got the headboard built first (about 1.5hrs), and then I moved on to the bed… oh the bed. I don’t know how long that took, I’ll guess around 3 hours, but it finally all came together and I’m thrilled with it. It looks great, has TONS of storage, and once I get the headboard up there (have to screw it to the wall so I’m waiting) it’s going to be fantastic.

We went to my cousin Karen’s wedding on Friday in Windsor, which was lovely. So great to be a part of her special day, and it was wonderful to spend time with our family throughout the evening and at a really nice breakfast in the morning. Very nice event, and Karen seems so happy 🙂

We came home Saturday afternoon, and that’s the night the bed was built – finally got to sleep in my room for the first time! Before that I had the mattress stretched out in the living room. After the bed came the desk the following morning, and my Mom came over and did the Mom thing on Sunday – helped me make the place look nice and live-able. It’s amazing the difference a little cleaning and reorganizing can make. I think after that it really felt like home.

She also threw together a roast for me in my brand new crockpot 😉 so the kitchen was officially christened.

Things are still a bit all over the place – I’ve got three boxes left to go, I still need to sort out where my TV will live and what sort of storage I’ll be installing in the living room. I need some shelves for both the storage locker and the laundry room. I need a small dining room table and some chairs – this will probably be the next thing, I’m getting tired of eating standing up. I need a small dresser for the closet in my room and some closet organizers. Some organizers for the drawers in my bed. A couch for the living room – but first I need to figure out how to arrange the room. A chair for my desk, and a few odds and ends.

The kitchen is mostly stocked. Shauna helped me out with that a few weeks ago, going through my list and adding tons of stuff to buy 😛 I did pickup a couple more things today, and there’s still more to get, but I can cook in it so I’m happy.

And… that’s kind of where I’m at. So like I said, exciting week! So busy. I was so tired on the weekend, it was great to sleep in and rest a bit – “springing forward” didn’t help much, but it was really nice to see the sun out so late today, and the weather today (and hopefully for the rest of the week) is really making me happy.

So I think that’s it for now. This post is long enough.

I do have some very exciting news that I found out today… but I can’t tell you what it is yet. So if you made it this far, you’ll just have to wait 😉 Keep an eye on my “Trips” page 😉