One day and counting

Well, this is it – tomorrow I’m in some serious debt! YAY!

Seriously though folks… wait, no, that is serious. But anyway. Tomorrow is the big day! Just a small hiccup… it seems when the mortgage amount was getting entered some numbers were transposed, so I was accidentally given a mortgage $8000 more than I wanted. Unfortunately the paperwork was a bit late getting to me, so I only caught the error Friday night when I got everything from the lawyers, and of course, the weekend isn’t exactly a “let’s get things done” kind of time!

So I got a hold of the mortgage broker today, confirmed the error, and now the wheels are in motion to get this corrected… hopefully, very early in the morning. So I think tomorrow will be a bit of a busy morning… I’m meeting the lawyers at 9am to hand over the cheque, which is now realistically a partial payment since that’ll go up once the mortgage thing is sorted out, so after that I’d imagine they’ll have to recrunch numbers (since the underwriters open at 8am, so hopefully by around 9am we’ll have new numbers), which means I’ll then have to run to the bank to get another certified cheque (which I’ve been assured I do not have to pay for), then presumably back to the lawyers to deliver the final cheque! Tah-dah!

I’m a little bit irritated that this wasn’t caught before, but if this is the worst that happens (and let’s hope it is), then I can’t complain too much. I’m glad I caught it anyway – I’d much rather get this taken care of now than add that $8000 on to my mortgage.

That being said, packing is going well – so far I’ve donated two garbage bags full of clothes, dumped one full garbage bag of garbage, and recycled countless documents and other random crap I’ve been collecting for who knows how long. I’ve got an entire box full of technology (and still have a few things to pack), and everything else is mostly packed.

I’ve still got a bunch of little stuff on my desk and scattered around that I need to find a place for. And I’ve been going over in my mind the sequence of everything – I still have to buy some more furniture. I’ve been really hesitant to buy stuff right now just because I’m a highly visual person – I really need to see it. Where will it go, how will it look, so it’s really hard to do that without being there, even with pictures and measurements. Then there’s the whole thing of colour – gotta match everything. What do I want to paint the walls? When do I want to do painting? All. That. Fun. Stuff.

So I feel pretty good right now with where I am – I’ve bought a lot of the kitchen stuff I needed, I’ve got the bed… now I’ve just gotta get it all from A to B. And then there is still much to be purchased!

So… yikes. Lots to do, lots to do. But I’m looking forward to it. It’s exciting, and will be fun, just a bit of a process.

And with that, I’ve got to run to Canadian Tire for some stuff, and finish packing!

See you on the other end!