The Condo Adventure continues!

Happy (early) Valentines Day!! I know I’m a few hours early, but this will be a pretty busy weekend and I felt like blogging, so here ya go. Above is the wonderful, amazing, yummy 3kg cake that we had at the office today for Valentines Day – YUM!

This weekend is actually both my little (not so little) sisters birthday (tomorrow), and my Dad’s birthday so lots of fun family time… I think we’re actually planning on some skating, and a few other fun things, as well as a new Italian restaurant to try on Saturday! Sadly this may mean my packing time will be a bit limited, but I’ll see what I can do.

Besides this weekend, I’ve got two weekends left before I move in!! March 2nd is quickly coming up! Finally decided on the mortgage, just working out insurance and a few other legal things and then… it’s gonna be coming quick! I’ve got two more visits before the move in, so I’ll be using one next week to do some measuring and try to map things out a bit.

Still giving some thought to the paint colour in the bedroom, going to pickup the new bed next week, picked up some cookware a few days ago, looking for silverware (I don’t like the way a bunch of the forks are!!!), trying to decide on what sort of glasses to get, and…. a whole list of other stuff.

So long story short, progress! I also gave the site a quick update – added the Alaska trip to the Trips page, updated the Motivation page to clean that up a bit, and just fixed a couple of little things.

That’s it. A quick one. Very unlike me, but there’s not a crazy amount of new stuff.

I will keep posting as I go!

Happy Valentines Day to all, and Happy Birthday to my sister and father 🙂