The great condo adventure

Well it’s been about two weeks since I signed the papers, and things are happening quick!! Actually this whole thing has been a bit of a whirlwind, with now being the “calm” time before things get crazy again.

Week one was basically spent doing the home inspection, retaining a lawyer, completing all sorts of paperwork, getting approval on the mortgage, waiving the conditions and finally, signing the final document saying “let’s do this thing”! This week I’ve been dealing more in detail with the mortgage, hammering out the details there, making tons of lists – things to buy, where all the money is going, what still needs to be done, etc, etc, etc. and now my big task is to actually finalize the mortgage and then get everything off to the lawyer!

I’m also trying to decide on Bell or Cogeco for my internet and TV, which has been a surprisingly difficult decision. I’m waiting to see what each one can do from a “best offer” perspective then I’ll make the call, but I want to get that done soon so I can make sure that’s ready to go for Day 1.

Then there’s the furniture. Oh the furniture. So bed frames are on sale right now at IKEA, which is perfect timing. As a result I’m going to be picking up a really nice and useful BRIMNES Bed Frame with Storage and a very handy Headboard with Storage that goes with it really nicely. Fantastic prices! With any luck I’ll keep catching these sales as I go along 😉

Also on the list – a TV stand / media centre, book shelf (BILLY of course), a pullout couch, a PAX wardrobe (that will be later though… next PAX sale), and pretty much everything related to the kitchen. So I’ve got lots to buy over the next few months… and most of it will, very conveniently, come from IKEA 😛

Anyway that’s where I’m at… with about 23 days to go, I’m starting to pickup little things that I can easily pack away for the move, and making lots of lists for everything else 😉 I’ll have to grab the bed sometime in the next few days so I can make sure I get the discount, and we don’t run out of stock.

I will keep updating as I go!