Well, I bought a condo

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything so I thought I’d make it count.

Last week I submitted an offer for a condo in Burlington, and it was accepted! It was the first offer I’ve ever put in for a house/condo, so it’s been a bit of a nerve racking experience! I’ve been liking the idea of buying vs renting for a while now – with mortgage and fees I’ve generally found that monthly payments can be pretty close, so I started really looking somewhere around a month ago when my brother told me about a great condo that he found in Burlington at a really good price.

I wound up passing on that one because of some really high condo fees, but that started the journey! I’ve been working with a fantastic real estate agent (Sandy Moore if anyone is looking…) who was very patient with me and took me around to a number of condos, sent me listings every few days and kept an eye out for me, and then last week we went to see a place on Appleby, and she mentioned she saw a new one popup off of Walkers right near the one I was originally looking at, so we went to see that one too on a whim.

When I walked in I was really impressed, and I guess she could tell because she looked at me and said you’re gonna buy this place aren’t you? πŸ˜› It’s a nice one bedroom, has a gas fireplace, lots of living room space, feels very spacious… I’m really happy with it, and happy to be a home owner! Move in date is March 2nd, so it’s all happening really, really fast!

I’m already experiencing the joys of all the extra money you have to shell out – before you even get the keys mind you – $360 for a home inspection, $1500 for lawyers. Dealing with the bank for the mortgage – all the interest I’ll be paying there (yikes!). But it’s worth it. I think it’s a great investment that will really serve me well – my general plan is to live in it for a couple years then hang on to it and rent it out, but we’ll see where life takes me πŸ™‚

So now I’m scouting out furniture and all that fun stuff – and by scouting out, I mean I’m walking downstairs after I finish work and trying out all the furniture we’ve got in the show room πŸ˜› IKEA is also launching our new SEKTION Kitchen on Monday, so I’m thinking of replacing both the kitchen and bathroom at some point soon! Lots and lots of fun stuff to look at and contemplate!!

So that’s the big news… I’ll have some pictures once I get settled a bit. I’ve been sick pretty much all this week which hasn’t been overly pleasant, and pretty busy with work. I did get re-introduced to rock climbing by a friend at the beginning of the month so I’ve really been enjoying that. And that’s kinda my life update!

Consider yourself informed πŸ™‚ more coming soon!