Life update

Well it’s been a little while since my last post here, and I thought I should just keep things fresh. I have updated the site a bit in the last while – I added a quotes page, I keep adding new movies to the “motivation” page – fun stuff like that, but every once in a while, even without walking along the top of the CN tower or venturing to a new country I guess I should just write “just because”.

So this is more of a post if you’re interested in me. If not, sorry about your luck.

So what’s been going on… well I kind of decided recently that it was time to settle down a bit, forego any further major trips and begin the search for a full time, permanent job. It wasn’t particularly easy, to be perfectly honest – and of course money had something to do with it :p but it really was time. In the last two years I’ve been to 40 countries, spent over 9 months out of the country, been in more airports, on more trains, planes, busses and boats than I can count at the moment… so I’m feeling very privileged to have had that time, and very happy with what I’ve accomplished and how I spent my time.

It really was the trip of a lifetime… and there’s no other point in time in my life that I could have done it. I’m grateful to have had everything come together in the way that it did to allow me to do this. The people, the places, the things… it’s hard not to be awestruck by it all.

So long story short, I’m ready to move on. It’s been a “wow” experience, but I do honestly miss having a job – people to work with, a common purpose and goal, things to do, the chance to utilize the skills and experience that I’ve built up over the years, everything. And I think I found the right place to hang my hat.

After getting back from Italy this summer I slowly began the hunt, and I’m thrilled to have finished it with a role at IKEA Canada. It’s a great position, the people I’ve met have all been truly exceptional. It’s very bizarre, almost, to have a 9-5 position, which is what I was looking for, but it’s nice to feel some stability and consistency in there. Not having to check my email at all hours, getting calls when I’m off… it’s great. I’m happy. The position itself utilizes a lot of my skills, it’s a mix of project management and some techie stuff. I’ve been learning a lot in my first two weeks and I’m finding that at the end of each day I’m feeling refreshed versus totally spent, which tells me I’m doing the right thing each day, playing to my skill set.

Going back a bit, and I know it’s not something I discuss all that often, but this is a bit of a personal validation for me on the model of education that my parents and I chose. Radically different at the time, homeschooling, or unschooling as we took to calling it, wasn’t exactly popular. I know my parents took some flak from friends and family for doing it, and it didn’t have a certain “path”.

The personal growth that I got from this is, in my opinion, unmeasurable. It cannot be quantified. I was able to follow my passion, which as most who know me know, is technology. I learned while being paid through my positions with Best Buy. I became a leader. I grew confidence. Patience (though still not that much). It’s because of that path that I chose to travel the world for two years – who does that?

At the beginning and end of the day, despite the problems or concerns that I have, just like anyone else, I’m happy with my life so far, and happy with the direction that I’m going – and I don’t think you can ask for much more than that.

I kind of wanted to jot something like this down for the last little while just because over the last couple of years, or really the last several years, the question of “was homeschooling the right decision” has been in the back of my mind. And each time I thought about it, I’ve always come to the conclusion that – yes – it was the right decision, because the person that I am is the person that I want to be. It may have added some barriers or road blocks from a career perspective, but it’s all about how bad you want things, and honestly a little bit of luck.

I still don’t know what I want to do in 20 years, if I’m lucky it’s going to be a bunch of different things over those 20 years. I like being good at multiple things, and I hope I can combine those into all sorts of different positions over my life time. But I think I’ve been setup for success.

I also want to say for anyone else, not that they’re reading this, but if they do, who is homeschooling – it’s a really great thing, and it’s going to be ok.

And I think that’s enough randomness for one post. A life update that took a bit of a turn towards a life reflection. But it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want :p

So I’ll leave you at that. Have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂