A family of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

It’s the “in” thing right now, right??

I thought I’d post all of our ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in one place because they’re pretty cool, and were fun to be a part of. Dad was just nominated by Mom this time around, so I’ll update this once he does his… RIGHT DAD??? Right.

I should just point out, once again, that ALS has benefited greatly from this fantastic campaign that just happened to go viral. It had all the magic ingredients… it was easy to do, fun to do, inspired you to involve your family and friends, had massive celebrity endorsements, and became a part of pop culture. Donating to ALS is a wonderful idea, but don’t forget that there are tons of other charities out there that need money too! Make sure you check out some other local or international charities that speak to you and your values, and throw a few bucks their way. It’s nice to have a charity that you believe in and support, so if you don’t have one yet… get to work!

Here they are, in all their glory, and here’s the YouTube playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVWKt3rBtD1MvDeoTrtcEYVXMQu6eugqS

Update: Sept 3, 2014 Dad’s video is uploaded (see the bottom), and I’ve added a trailer for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Family Trailer

Gavin’s video

Nominated by our cousin Tyler, Gavin accepted and nominated me (Ryan), Rebecca and our Mom (Sandra).

Ryan’s video

Nominated by Gavin, I accepted and nominated our four host sisters – Sophie from France, Ingrid from Brazil, Jana from Switzerland and Shauna from Australia

Mom and Becca’s video

Nominated by Gavin, they accepted and nominated Stef GarneauAshley Markowitz, Grace Leslie, Teri Russell-Hill, Teresa Beckett and my Dad, Frank.

Dad’s Video

Nominated by Mom, he accepted and nominated his brother Gary, sister Julie and niece Diance.