Monthly archives: August, 2014


A family of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

It’s the “in” thing right now, right?? I thought I’d post all of our ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in one place because they’re pretty cool, and were fun to be a part of. Dad was just nominated by Mom this time around, so I’ll update this once he does his… RIGHT DAD??? Right. I should…


This way to the top of the world

I figure a CN Tower Edge Walk merits a blog post, so here we go 🙂 My very thoughtful parents got me the Edge Climb as a birthday gift in March, and yesterday I got a chance to use it and do the walk! It was an awesome experience… I really wasn’t too nervous about it…

Photo on 8-5-14 at 9_Fotor

The non-scary version of Facebook Messengers “Terms of Service”

Hi there – this is totally not what my blog is normally used for, but I got irritated after reading another article and, despite my better judgement, had to write a quick response. There’s been plenty of random junk going through Facebook over the years so I’m not quite sure why this one bothered me more…