Au revoir, Marrakech! Last leg of the trip starts today! Sort of.

Just chilling out in the Riad before my 8pm flight tonight, I think I’ll catch a taxi to the airport around 5:30pm – I’ve got to go through customs and whatever on the way out, so it might take a bit of time. I don’t think the airport is very much to look at / see / do, but I can always play some games on my phone 😉

Anyway yesterday was pretty good, I scheduled a guide to walk me through the city a bit at 10am. It cost 400 dirhams, which is about 40 euro… probably wasn’t really worth it, but still not too bad. He took me to a mausoleum which was interesting, to a palace, walked me around the city a bit and showed me some interesting places and then took me to the market where we spent a while. I did get an interesting little souvenir from there, this guy creates wooden objects, like chess pieces, boxes, little horses, whatever, using a spinning sort of thing that you attach the wood to then he uses his foot to move around the knife and slices pieces of the wood off! It was crazy! So he made this right in front of me – it was really impressive!!! So I got that little piece.

I also picked up a couple of souvenirs for home, did some walking, found some good food, etc. so it was handy, but not really worth the money I’d say. I think it’d be worth about half that. But whatever – I booked it through the Riad, you always expect to pay a bit more, and really, not the end of the world. I did some good negotiating in the market I thought! Got the price down almost 50% for something I wanted, so that was handy.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, chilling, back to the market for some food and more shopping, FIFA, some movies, and.. that was about it! A pretty chill last full day here, but still interesting. Fun to experience the local culture with a local.

And yeah, today I’m going back to the market, I do still have to find at least one more souvenir, and of course grab some food. I tried the couscous yesterday as well as the Tajine, both were very good, probably preferred the Tajine over the couscous… those are two very traditional dishes here. And I’ve had the kebabs, shwarma, etc. so I did pretty ok for food here.

Tonight I’ve got an 8pm flight out of here to Amsterdam, and that’s with a new airline for me – Transavia Airlines, which is an affiliate of KLM. I booked my flight in from YYZ, this one, and my flight home all from KLM, but the only one I actually experience on KLM itself is the one home :p oh well.

I get into Amsterdam just after 1am, unfortunately there’s no trains that late into The Hague, and I’m not going to get a place for a silly price just to nap for a few hours, so I checked into it and the airport is quite “sleep friendly”, so I’ll be grabbing a nice reclining chair and just napping for a few hours before I enjoy the city a bit, and then make my way to The Hague to stay with Laura until Wednesday. Tuesday is currently up in the air, Wednesday will probably be spent in The Hague before training to Amsterdam for my 6pm flight home, and then I’m in to Toronto around 8pm.

And that’s the trip! Over! I spent about an hour yesterday looking at the Tripadvisor map highlighting all the places I still need to go :p so far it claims I’ve now covered 21% of the world, and traveled 358,674 miles (577,230km), so I’m getting there… only 79% left to go! That’s not too much… right? 🙂