Hello from Marrakech!

Good evening! No pictures today, my connection is terrible and it would likely take me all night to upload something :p sorry!

I got up this morning in Lisbon and enjoyed a nice morning around the city. It was great to be back, nice just to hang around. I tried to sleep in a bit, I think I wound up getting up at 9am “my time”, which was 8am Lisbon time, so not too bad. They had a great breakfast for us – free, which is nice. Super yummy pancakes with honey and some chocolate sugar stuff, as well as bread, jam, juices, etc.

Left around 11am, caught the metro to the airport. Got there in lots of time, cleared security no problem, grabbed a quick bite in the airport for lunch. Checked out of the Schengen zone – it was nice to be inside this entire trip so far, no border patrol! So add one more stamp to the passport. Flight was uneventful, 1hr 45mins, they fed us and gave us drinks… so nice. TAP is very good actually. Landed in Marrakech, got picked up by the hotel which was helpful.

I am pleased to say that my baggage did make it here – I was a little worried just because I didn’t physically touch it in Lisbon, but faith is renewed – good job airline! I’ve never had my luggage lost (knock on wood).

Anyway, landed, picked up, only a 20 min drive to the Riad. Beautiful place – they greeted me very nicely, sat me down before checking in and gave me some lovely tea and some cookies. Very nice welcome! Got myself checked in, very nice room, great to have my own little spot for a few days. I’m here until Sunday night, then I’m off to Amsterdam, arriving Monday around midnight.

The area around here is “meh”, a lot of stalls, little shops, that sort of thing. As soon as you step out people are trying to sell you stuff, get your attention, wanting to take you places, all that fun stuff, so that’s kind of annoying. It’s about a 15 min walk to a bit of a bigger part of town that’s quite busy, so that’s a little nicer just because it’s not just me. Looks like there’s lots of food along the way to munch on, so that’s not a big deal. Everything is quite cheap around here, like very cheap.

I got myself a SIM card, which makes me feel a little more comfortable. If you look like you’re lost or not sure where you’re going you’re sure to get someone approaching you and offering to take you places, followed quickly by a request/demand for money. I’d rather spend it on a SIM and not have to deal with a screaming person in the middle of the street demanding money. 🙂

Did lots of walking around, got myself a kebab and some fries for dinner, cost about $3.

Returned to the Riad – really a lovely place. There’s a super nice pool, bar, restaurant, etc. I was back in time for the England match so I watched that downstairs, couple of English guys were there so it was pretty entertaining, as well as one of the hotel directors. Good match, England lost so they obviously weren’t thrilled, but it was pretty fun to hear the english yelling at the TV :p forgot how passionate they can get about this.

And yeah… that was my day, I think. Tomorrow I’ve got a tour booked, so I get to see a bit of Marrakech, I’m excited for that. Talk to ya later!