Back in LISBON!!! *crowd goes wild*

Guess who’s back… back again…. yeah that doesn’t really work for me.

But anyway, I’m back in Lisbon! So excited to have the chance to stop over here for a night, it’s such a lovely city, wonderful country, and it’s so cool to go back somewhere and just totally know your way around. Feels a little like home, takes the pressure off you.

This did also lead to another one of those “wow” moments, where it was just like… I got in, I grabbed the train – easy, I went back to the hostel I stayed in before – easy, and I took a walk through town and really just remembered everything! It’s just such a great feeling. I’m thrilled to be back.

Anywayz, for those who follow me on Facebook you might know that the day started off a bit rocky, though nothing too bad. Got up around 7:30am, didn’t “get up” until about 8am… I think everyone was pretty tired. Missed alarms / multiple alarms were normal today :p Jana was even pretty tired, so… that tells you something! Anyway we got up, had a nice breakfast together, said bye to Miri, Jana walked me to the train station and got me on the right train – it was soooo cool to see her in Switzerland and wonderful to meet her family / extended family. It’s not terribly surprising that they’re all great people, Jana is a very cool person, but it was very nice to get to know them all.

So very pleased with my trip to Switzerland, I’d love to come back – as Jana reminded me, there’s more to see.

Got on the train, about 1:20 to get to Zurich Airport, wandered around for a few minutes after dropping off the bags – very efficient system for that actually. Self check in and very quick bag drop. I actually forgot my boarding pass in the machine – whoops! Some kind people brought it to me though 😉 that woke me up.

Wandered around the airport, went to see their observation lounge but discovered that it cost 5 to get in!!! Everything in Switzerland is expensive lol. So I opted not to do that, partially because it seems like there was so much to see and do in there I wouldn’t have had the time to enjoy it anyway.

Made my way to the gates, no problem there, found my gate, happiness. Did some plane watching out the window for a bit, slight delay in getting on board – the plane was a bit late, but whatever. Got on board – oh and actually also to mention, they have an automated gate thing for checking your ticket here, and they don’t require your passport which is a bit weird (they would usually compare ticket name to passport name), so quick, but a bit relaxed which was surprising.

Got on board, sat down – actually snagged an emergency row seat without realizing it, so that was handy for my legs. 12:00pm comes and goes… and we’re still there. Announcement – ummmmmmm yeah one of the slides won’t arm. Luckily they got a technician out pretty quickly, I was actually very impressed, but the whole thing set us back about an hour in terms of leaving. We made some of it up in the air, but were still about 30 mins late. Not too bad. It was my first in flight technical malfunction! So add that to the list of travel firsts.

Arrived in Lisbon, got a bit of a surprise – but I should have expected it. My luggage is going to meet me in Marrakech, not be picked up in Lisbon and then dropped off again on the next flight. Not too bad, it’s only clothes, and I kinda thought it might happen but just didn’t think to check or ask. Had I really thought about it I would have planned a bit better, but *shrug* not the end of the world, and it’s nice to be traveling without the big backpack actually! 😛

Picked up a day pass for the metro for 6 euro…. bit of a shock after Switzerland :p that might have gotten me across the street! So I actually have that for 24 hours, it’ll get me back to the airport. Worked out well. Arrived at hostel, knew exactly where it was – hasn’t changed. Absolutely wonderful place. All rooms are individually decorated, great bathrooms, great wifi, great people… yeah, just good 🙂 Sadly only for a night!

Threw stuff in room and went for a walk – re-familiarized myself with the area, took a quick walk – quite nice. Decided I wanted to veg tonight, so I went to one of the big malls here, which is also where they held the world fair or something a number of years ago, so super cool area. Grabbed a cheap bite to eat, and went to see a movie – A Million Ways to Die in the West. I just wanted something stupid funny and I got what I asked for – it was perfect actually. Really funny, didn’t have to think, they did a good job with the movie. “People die at the fair” lol

Grabbed the metro back to the hostel area, walked down to the water where they had a screen setup and caught the last few minutes of the match, lots of excitement!! You can check out the video here.

And after that I returned to the hostel, sat down to charge some stuff, and started writing this! That’s been my day! Nothing terribly exciting, but relaxing, and hopefully I’ll get a good sleep tonight (please no loud snoring anyone!), and be ready for Marrakech tomorrow!!!

I’m a little nervous about Marrakech, I can handle just about anything European I think, but this is getting into a different culture. I brushed up on their currency, some of the laws they have (gives a new meaning to “conservative”) and all that fun stuff. Looked at the weather – looks nice, hot. Should be good. I’ve got a pickup from the hotel at the airport which I think was necessary, and from there… it’ll be good! It’s a closed currency, so it can’t leave the country, which also means I can’t convert anything until I get there, but I’ll do a bit in the airport. And it’s not too long there really, only 4 days in total I think, then I’ve got Amsterdam which will be awesome as always – and I’ll also be there for a Dutch match, which is supposed to be pretty crazy.

And then I’m home! On the 25th… which is… exactly a week away. Next Wednesday night I will be back in Canadaaaaaaa. So that’s it for now, I’m not going to stay up too late, going to get some sleep. Talk to you lata!