Hello from Athens!

I can’t say or type “hello” in Greek so I’m not gonna do that here, but you get the idea. We’re in Greece!

It’s wonderful to be back, I have great memories of being here last year with a really cool group of hostel people – we had a lot of fun exploring the city and visiting the island of Hydra, it was great!

Bit of a different location this time around – Dad found a fantastic hotel on SkyAuction so we’re in the centre of the city sort of thing. Nice hotel, balcony, etc. but still pretty close to where I stayed before, which lets us easily walk down to there – so many restaurants and wonderful places to visit and shop around there!

We caught the Leonardo from Rome to the airport this morning at 5:55am – fun times there. Last night was a bit warm, the AC wasn’t playing nice, so it wasn’t a fantastic sleep for any of us. Grabbed a bite to eat, then boarded our Vueling flight out of Rome to Athens. Pretty quick flight, not a lot of leg room – the lovely gentleman in front of me pushed his chair back as far as possible, which was fun. It was mildly annoying because he wasn’t actually sitting there to begin with, he was in another seat, but this seat had more leg room (because it’s an emerg. exit) and they needed someone there so he moved over. So he had lots of leg room and enjoyed leaning back as far as possible – seems he had a good flight!

Annnnyyyyyway, not a big deal, short flight. Made it into Athens airport, no issues. Grabbed luggage, made our way to the metro. About a 40 minute metro ride to our stop, very convenient metro location just in front of the hotel. Checked in, got everything sorted out there, got a cot added and moved to a slightly bigger room to accommodate that, all worked out.

Chilled in the room for a few minutes before venturing out. Wifi charges an arm and a leg here, so I wanted to find myself a SIM card asap. Got a cheap one through Wind – seems to work very well actually, I’m tethered to it right now. Mom and Dad explored on their own a bit as I did that, we met up a bit later and decided it was time for food after a quick nap in the room.

We went down to my old hangout and found a fantastic restaurant that I used to really enjoy – I’d just sit there for an hour or two and people watch, eat, etc. Had a wonderful greek meal, parents had salads and chicken kebabs, I got a pita sort of thing. It was great – so much food, and FREE WATER!!!! Something you really learn to appreciate after Italy – have to buy water for crazy prices at every restaurant you go to, even if there’s a fountain 10ft away from you. Craziness.

After that we thought since we’re so close may as well venture up to the Acropolis, so we set off after Dad ran back to get his camera. We were a bit late to go there, but there’s a beautiful lookout just outside of the entrance, so we sat there for the sunset and got some amazing pictures. Lovely end to our first night in Greece!

We’re checking out ideas for the rest of the trip, possibly an island visit, see what other sights in Athens we want to see. Mom and Dad are heading back on Friday, and I’m off to see Jana in Switzerland, so not too much time!

That’s about it from me, it’s going to be a bit of an early night – long travel day! Ciao 🙂