Ciao Italy, γειά σου Greece!

And we’re back with yet another hotel that is lacking wifi. Italy, not impressed, not impressed. Let’s get it together!!

Anyway, today, sadly, we departed our lovely Hotel Del Golfo, aka my new home. Together with my cousin Chere we crossed back to the mainland using the ferry, this time taking a faster one (took us across in about 30 mins) which was great. We drove from there to Pisa (about an hour and a half), dropped off the rental car and Chere, then made our way to the train station to catch our train back to Rome.

Train was 20 mins late, which worked out well for us because we were running a bit late too, so it gave us a chance to grab some lunch. You’ll be thrilled to know that we got McDonald’s. I know, I know. But it was close and quick – too bad!

Train ride was good, it was a regional express so a few less stops than we had before, got us to Rome in good time. I had a sort of nap along the way, though not great. We arrived back in Rome and found our hotel – a new one, just a few minutes away from Termini, great for our early morning departure. My bed is one of those fold back into the wall kind of beds, only it folds into a little drawer sort of thing, so that’s amusing.

We ventured out into Rome to find some food and entertain ourselves for the evening, took the long way to get back to the fountain only to find it’s been closed for repairs! So we went up to the Pantheon and found a spot for some drinks and appetizers, and then a nice spot just up the road for dinner – perfect. This place we found also had the best garlic bread that we’ve had so far – warm, fresh, yummy!!!!

Did some more wandering after that in random directions, saw a part of Rome that I haven’t seen before along the river – it was very nice. Had quite the walk, found some Gelato on the way back (of course) – I’m now very fond of the Banana flavour, and these guys do their fruit flavours fresh. YUMMY!!!! Made our way back to the hotel, which again, is lacking wifi, and here we are!

Tomorrow morning we’re up at 5am to catch a 5:50am train or a 5:30am bus – haven’t decided yet, off to the airport to catch an 8:30am plane to Athens! Looking forward to being back in Greece, I’ve got wonderful memories from my time there – such a beautiful place to spend some time.

I should mention that Start2Finish posted their awesome video from the 5k Running and Reading Challenge 2014 that I attended last weekend right before taking off, Daniel the Media Director did a fantastic job so check it out!

So yeah, that was our day… once again, I cannot post this until tomorrow, so maybe I’ll do that from the airport or once we get settled in Athens. With that I say Ciao from Italy for the last time – it’s been a wonderful return to a wonderful country, I love the language, the people are great, and it’s so much fun to walk in the middle of the road and have traffic just stop for you :p can’t do that in London!!!!