Elba Day 2… T-1 Day to Wedding!

Well today has been absolutely lovely… Day 2 in Elba, and only one day away from the big day!

Today was perfect – I woke up nice and early and decided to take a stroll along the beachfront. I ran into my Uncle Dennis and Laura who were also taking a stroll and we all settled into the restaurant for a nice breakfast… of which there was, unsurprisingly, plenty of food to eat. Caught up with some more family, had a great breakfast, and was eventually joined by Mom & Dad who got up a bit later and made it down (well, technically up) for breakfast too.

DSCN4151After breakfast I went for a quick walk, but that was interrupted by the suggestion of a drive around the island, so off we went! Mom, Dad and I took off for some little towns in Elba, we did some shopping (much to my dismay), and eventually made our way to pretty close to the top of the “mountains” on Elba and got a *wow* view out of it. Fan-tastic. The roads here are pretty crazy, and Google and I decided to take us on a route that was basically enough room for one car, only it was two ways. Very entertaining, Dad wasn’t quite as amused, but it all worked out (hey – still here to talk about it!).

Lovely walk up on the mountain, I think this is easily a place you could spend a full day (or two) exploring, but we wanted to keep it down to a couple of hours. We went back down the mountain, stopped in a little town about 10 minutes away from our Hotel and grabbed a fantastic lunch (wonderful Spaghetti Bolognese for me!) before returning to the beautiful Hotel Del Golfo.

Back at the hotel I spent some time at the pool – drool. What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon! I got to play with my adorable second cousin who came along (and will be the ring bearer), Jack, and Matt and I wound up playing some tennis – which actually worked out better than either of us thought. Certainly better by the end than when we started.

10441929_10154272340260038_5725790897536282330_nIt doesn’t sound like much but it took up a whole afternoon – lazing around by the pool takes time and effort, folks! We had drinks and appetizers throughout the day – any time you order a drink it comes with this little tray of appetizers, it’s crazy – but we eventually wound up going out for dinner with a little group of people around 8:30pm. Fantastic little Italian (duh) place a few minutes walk from here, I had a great pizza, Mom had some cheese thing, Dad had a ravioli, and everyone went for late night Gelato after – wonderful!!!!

So it was a pretty sweet day! Tomorrow is the big day for Laura and Matteo, everyone is very excited – wedding is at 11am, it’s a bit of a trek so we’re all hopping on a bus to get there. After the wedding there’s some champagne and appetizers, then we have the afternoon to ourselves. We all meet up again at 7pm for dinner, dancing, drinking and whatever near, then on the beach, so it’ll be a fun day and a really fun night.

Oh – I picked up new sunglasses today! I think I look pretty snazzy in them, if I do say so myself.

And that’s about it from me for today – looking forward to tomorrow, and then one more wonderful day here (unless I just don’t leave). It’s great to spend time with the family, and enjoy this beautiful island! A bunch of people are out drinking outside on the patio so I think, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go join them. Ciao!