Ciao from Rome

Ciao! Today went a bit differently than we thought it would…. all three of us, who are usually up pretty early (especially when traveling), collectively woke up at… 11:30am! We opened our eyes in shock. I had to check my watch two or three times and make sure I was on the right menu… I didn’t actually believe it and went to my phone to check :p

So apparently we were all pretty tired! Glad that we were able to get the sleep, it was quite helpful, though it derailed our plan for an early day at the Vatican. I had a bit of a rough sleep again, I basically hit the pillow and was out for four hours, then I popped back awake for about two hours – just could not get back to sleep. Finally dozed off, and I guess I dozed off pretty hard lol.

Anyway it turned out to be a good day regardless, Dad and I wanted to visit the Vatican, Mom decided to go on one of the “hop on, hop off” busses (she’s been to Rome/Vatican before) and shop around a bit. Dad and I went to see the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel first – had to wait in line for a little over an hour, big difference from when I was here last time outside of the tourist season. Wait wasn’t too bad. Museum was super busy / packed with people, but very nice. We didn’t stay super long – neither Dad nor I particularly enjoy crowds of people, and pushing through all the groups was a pain.

We did get to the Sistine Chapel, which was exactly as I remembered it (though a lot busier this time). Great to spend the time there.

After that we went to the Square and decided not to try our luck with the Basilica – we were both wearing shorts, and the lineup was absolutely massive. We got some nice pictures outside of it and walked around the square a bit which was very nice, before catching the metro back to Repubblica.

Mom was doing her shopping, we swung back to the room for a brief rest before Mom got back and we ventured out again. We wanted to go see the Pantheon, which is easily one of my favourite places to see in Rome. Along the way we stopped at this beautiful church I’ve been to before just as it was closing and got to show Mom & Dad. The ceiling had been painted by Michelangelo and actually appears 3D… very cool.

The Pantheon was/is stunning. Absolutely beautiful – wonderful landmark. Dad was impressed. We decided to get dinner in the square, found this wonderful little spot with just the best view of the pantheon and the lovely fountain in the square. It’s moments like that where you just sit back, relax, look around and say to yourself – wow. Stunning. Just stunning. Something you simply don’t get at home, and just “wow”.

It was a lovely dinner, everyone enjoyed themselves.

After dinner we started trekking back, Mom and Dad decided they were going to spend some time shopping so I made my way back. On the way I took a Google Camera “Photo Sphere” of the Alter of the Fatherland and it turned out so nicely – one of my favourite monuments in Rome, it just feels grand and majestic when you’re looking at it. The Photo Sphere is really cool and lets me transfer some of that feeling into the camera.

Very cool!

After that I went back for a shower, Mom and Dad grabbed some wine and pizza at a place across from the hotel and I joined them with some Gelato! (second of the day – fantastic Gelato place I found..mmmm)

And that was pretty much our day! Went really well, everyone saw lots and enjoyed themselves. Tomorrow we’re catching a train in the morning to Pisa, picking up my cousin Chere from the airport and catching a ferry to Elba for the wedding! Very exciting! I’m looking forward to Pisa, haven’t been there yet, and I’m really looking forward to Elba and the wonderful hotel we’re going to be staying at!

That’s all I’ve got for now, haven’t had a chance to go through pictures yet, I’ll probably spend some time on it in Elba or maybe on the way. Ciao!