Rome – meet the parents!


I think it’s starting to catch up with me – I’m exhausted.

Sleep last night was not particularly pleasant, there was some noise in the room, we were on a main street so there was noise outside, ambulances going back and forth, some people in the room had to get up at 4am to leave, etc, etc, etc. Just really didn’t sleep well at all.

Rolled out around 7am I think, maybe 7:30am, checked out of the hostel after a quick shower (they had one of those push button things which times out after about 60 seconds, and the lights were on a sensor that couldn’t see you if you were inside the shower, so that was fun). Made the 10 min walk down to Hotel Italia, which is where I’m staying with my parents, and then trekked back up to Termini to see if I could find them!

They couldn’t get their wifi to work so I didn’t wind up getting in touch with them, but I had a pretty good idea what train they would be on so I just hung out by the track for a bit until I caught sight of them – that couldn’t have worked out much better.

Mom’s second time in Rome, Dad’s first time in Europe – great to have them here and spend the day with them. They both left around noon eastern, flew into Newark, had a 3 hour stopover then flew out here, so by the time they arrived it was about 3am their time. Both of them were pretty tired, but we decided to do some walking. We got checked into the hotel after grabbing a quick bite by Termini – nice little place, short walk from Termini, then took a nice stroll.

I’m fading as I write this so let me sum things up pretty quickly here… saw the military memorial thing I keep forgetting the name of, went to the Colosseum, had a quick pizza lunch at my favourite little Caesar’s Pizza place, took a nap, Dad did a bit of walking on his own, we all went to the fountain, grabbed dinner at a nice pizza place, did some more exploring, saw the spanish steps, annnnnd…. got some gelato.

I think that covers it. In very quick terms. No pic tonight, internet is pretty slow here, but I’ll see if I have some time tomorrow to sort it out. Vatican tomorrow is the plan, we’ll see how everyone does. Right now – bed time!!!!