It’s the final countdown!!!!

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Yes my friends, it is the final countdown, and we are juuuuuust about ready to go! Now by me saying ready to go I don’t mean to imply that I’m packed or anything of that nature – no no no, not quite. I did get a haircut, and that was very good – feels nice. But I still haven’t figured out my three day jaunt, and haven’t started packing yet. I did clean out my wallet and get some foreign money sorted out – got some pounds and euros ready to go, and even some Swiss Franc’s!

So I guess you could say I’m getting there. But regardless, I’m still leaving in two days, packed or not 😛

Today was good though, just did some other random stuff around the house to get ready, and tonight Kevin and I went out with some friends from Snow White and saw Maleficent, which was a fantastic movie! It was great to see Tonia, Mara, Simon and Rob again – wonderful family. It’s amazing how many awesome people worked on Snow White and how great it was to get to know them… it would be wonderful to keep in touch! (a cast party may be coming soon…)

So YEAH! This blog is about to become interesting! I hope. To be honest, and I think I’ve said this before, I’m not really writing this to interest or amuse you, I’m more writing it so I have a collection of memories written down for myself. While my memory does seem to increase while I’m traveling (I could guide you through a few cities with my eyes closed now), it’s still not amazing and I don’t ever want to forget these experiences! So while I do like to think that you might find them interesting, if push comes to shove, I really don’t care that much :p

That being said, tune in soon! Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day with a 5k run with the Start2Finish kids followed by a wedding reception in Kitchener! So excited for the kids – it’s going to be such a fantastic day for them. I’m heading in early to help setup, so that means 5am wakeup for me – yay!!!! It’s gonna be a long day 😛 And then Sunday… well… finish whatever, I think Becca and I are going to grab some Sushi for lunch and then ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Ok that’s it for now – I have to grab Becca from the train station, get my outfits ready for tomorrow and get to bed.

Chat at ya lata! Ciao!