Yikes! T-3 days!

So do you know what T- means in the whole T-3, etc kind of thing? Time minus X! I know! How simple. And in this case, T-3 days until takeoff! 3 days from now I will already be in the air on my way to Rome. I’m actually quite looking forward to the flight – I really enjoy the overnight flights, they dim the lights in the cabin, it’s usually pretty quiet, and I might even get some sleep. I wouldn’t guarantee it, but I’d say it’s a possibility.

Had a great day today, wrapped up the last Reading & Running club, kids had fun, got to play some soccer after doing some running. Helped out at the theatre getting some tech stuff ready for a garage sale (on Saturday at VT if you’re interested!), and now I’m yawning to myself, still thinking I should sort out what to do for my three day thing.

Tomorrow I’ve got a whole laundry list of chores to do – starting with FINALLY getting a hair cut. I’ve been holding off so I could get it right before I left, which is pretty much now. Packing will probably get started, at least I’ll finalize luggage decisions.

Saturday is going to be crazy – 5k run, wedding. Sunday will be busy, last minute prep, airport, zoom zoom!

And that’s it. All done! Bye bye! And so for now anyway, that’s it from me.