Ready thrusters… standby….

Yikes! I missed a day! 🙁

I was thinking about it last night but just totally forgot… yesterday wound up being a bit busy, I didn’t make it into the office because I had a FedEx delivery coming in, so I was working from home in some pretty intense heat (blah). On the plus side, I did get my two lovely prints that I had ordered a while ago, so that was pretty sweet!

Yesterday was also the last Start2Finish club of the year at one of my schools, still got one to go tomorrow as well. It was a fun day, pretty relaxed, we tried to get the kids running a 5k but the humidity was crazy and the kids were not impressed, so I think we made it about 2.5km – not bad in the heat. I’ll miss the kids! It was a lot of fun to see them evolve over the year – to think of them not being able to run more than 5 mins at a time compared to now, huge difference.

IMG_6878All the humidity throughout the day stuck around in the evening, making sleep last night pretty terrible – I was not impressed. Did not sleep well at all. And then I wakeup and it’s practically freezing! (well, in comparison to yesterday) So that was actually kinda nice. Made office work a bit easier. Kim, a friend from Snow White, decided I needed to learn how to properly take pictures of moving water, so we went on an adventure to Hilton Falls in Burlington and, while being eaten alive by mosquitos, she showed me how to slow down the pictures and make them look pretty awesome.

Sooooo I still haven’t decided on the little 3 day “in between”…. and it’s kinda getting to the point where I really need to decide. Soooo… tomorrow? Promise? Yeah? Sure. Let’s go with that.

Otherwise still gotta finalize my luggage situation, should probably notify my various banks/credit card people etc that I’m traveling so no one freaks out and freezes my account, clean out my wallet, etc, etc, etc.

Friday is still chore day, tomorrow is a bit busy with Start2Finish then some theatre stuff at night.

So yeah – I think that’s about it! 4 days, almost 3 days, it’s getting clooooose!!!! CRAZY!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Bye 🙂 (ciao)