How many days again…? Oh right! 6!

Home stretch! In a little under a week now I will be landing in Rome (7am EDT today), whee! You may be wondering if I managed to decide what to do with my little three day jaunt in between Switzerland and Morocco. If you know me well, you may assume that I have successfully procrastinated that decision into another day – your assumption would be correct.

I don’t know what to do!

It is significantly cheaper spent an extra day in Switzerland and then extend my stay in Marrakech by a day. Like $400-$500 cheaper. I’m not sure that a quick trip to Porta or Barcelona is really worth that… it’s just not that much time. If I could find a nice cheap flight from <insert any country here> to Marrakech on the day that I want then I would jump at it, so I think I’ve just got to keep on looking. I do like the Porta idea since I don’t think I’ve been there, and I’d also enjoy Madrid…. so we’ll see. I really do need to decide… if anything, it’ll just keep getting more expensive the longer I wait. So I’m working on it.

Tonight I am off to the Zacada Circus School once again to punish my body for it’s general laziness with an adult fitness class. It’s been a week since I’ve been, or a little longer actually, so my body has had a chance to rest. That being said, it’s going to get some good exercise this week with that, a run on Tuesday with the Bennetto kids, a run on Thursday with the Dr. Davey kids and last but not least a run on Saturday with the Start2Finish 5k end of year run! I apologize in advance.

So that’s where I’m at right now… got in/getting in a good solid day of work today at the platform, which is nicely air conditioned by the by (it’s so nice and warm out!!!!), so that’s a good thing. Evenings this week are quickly filling up, cramming as much as I can before I leave, though I’ve managed to leave Friday open for the most part for last minute stuff. Saturday I have my cousins wedding after the run (wakeup – run – shower – wedding – makes sense, right?), and Sunday… I’m outta here!!!!!!!

Zoom zoom.

I think that’s all that I have for you for now. I am quite pleased that the daily blog has been progressing well… hopefully I can keep it up throughout the trip. I’m debating throwing up a Google Map thing again where it tracks where I go based on 4square checkins… that seemed to work out pretty well in the past. I think Google+ might have a thing where it keep track of me too, so I could probably use the data from either one to dump it into a nice little interactive map. Maybe in the Trip tab this time instead of on the homepage. I’ll look into that sometime in the next few days.