This is it… one week!

17223203You can tell it’s getting serious because I actually went out and did some shopping today. For those that know me well, this means something.

Now – let’s talk hotels! I found a fantastic Hotel (or Riad) in Marrakech (Les Borjs de la Kasbah) that normally goes for about $100 a night, dropped down to about $50 a night on a deal so I grabbed that. The location looks good, Trip Advisor ranks it #52 on it’s list of Marrakech hotels, the reviews are amazing, so I’m happy! So that is booked from June 19th – 23rd, I’ve just got to sort out transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Yay! So that’s one down. Still gotta sort out the little side trip from the 17th to the 19th. Right now my #1 option is to swing down from Geneva to Porto, Portugal and spent two nights there, catching a plane from Porto, Portugal to Marrakech on the 19th. The flight from Geneva is super cheap at $86, the flight from Porto to Marrakech is a bit more than I wanted to pay at $351.

I’ve already been to Lisbon, Portugal (twice) and loved it, so as much as I’d like to go back I think I should explore a bit, and Porto looks nice. I think I’ll probably have to bite the bullet on the ticket price – if I were to go a day later it drops almost in half, but I want to spend the full three days in Marrakech so… just gonna be what it’s gonna be. Otherwise I could just extend my Switzerland trip by a day, and go down to Marrakech a day early – save myself some money there. But then I’d be cutting out the extra place! Argh. So many options.

More thinking on that tonight, I’ve got to make the call pretty soon. Like, tonight. Gotta get it done!

Anyway we’ll see how it goes, that’s it from me for now, enjoy the beautiful weather out!!!