Happy Weekend! 8 days left!

IMG_0229And we’re back! Daily blogging – check! 8 days left – check! Funny picture of me holding up a sign saying 8 days left – check! I’d say I’m doing pretty well so far.

Pretty relaxed weekend, my one thing to make sure I do this weekend is grab some new shoes before I disembark, so I’m hunting around for some good shoes. I’ve also got to finalize my luggage needs… though I’m actually kind of thinking about using the big backpack again. I like that thing! Why bother carting around some luggage when I can just backpack it? So I’ve got to think about that.

DSC01185I think I’m settling on going to Spain for my little three day thing before Marrakech and after Switzerland. Possibly try to make my way over to Grenada. We’ll see how it goes. Gotta decide that by tomorrow as well – decisions, decisions!

I already have travel insurance (purchased a year long one a little while ago – works quite well!) which quite conveniently covers me for any trips 30 days in length or less, I’m hunting down any new travel apps for my phone that might be considered useful, and yeah… stuff.

Oh – I need a haircut! Always a pain to get that when you can’t speak the language 😛

Ahhhhhhhhh almost time to go! Yay! 😀