T-9 Days until take off

[ujicountdown id=”Default” expire=”2014/06/01 22:25″ hide = “true”] Alright this daily blog post thing is going well! We’ll see how it goes while I’m lying on the beach in Elba, but hey…

The countdown is into single digits now (day wise anyway) with 9 days until take off, and I’m actually getting excited to be in an airport again, so that’s how you know I’ve finally lost it.

If I didn’t mention it before, these blogs will be relatively boring. I’m just doing this to get back into the habit of blogging daily, so I can’t promise much entertainment here. You should really start reading on June 2nd.

Anyway, looking at my flight there, it looks like I’ll be on a nice Airbus A330-200! I kind of wish I was traveling with someone now because they have a cool little feature where you can use the phone on the entertainment console to call another seat :p how cool is that? I’m easily amused. They do also, apparently, have a “landscape camera” to check out on the entertainment console! So that’s entertaining. I’ve flown with Alitalia for a short flight out of Italy before but never a long haul, so I’m looking forward to it – very good service on the short haul, so the long one will be awesome.

As far as Marrakech goes, I’m trying to decide between two different hotels right now… the Riad Zinoun or the MonRiad, so I’ve got to spend a bit more time looking at locations and all that good stuff. Either way I think I’d definitely get a shuttle or whatever to the hotel, still trying to decide on exactly how long to stay there, and if I should add an extra stop somewhere. I’m leaning towards a bit of time in Madrid, I think that will probably wind up being the best solution for me. I’ve been to Barcelona before, but even then it wasn’t all that warm, so it would be nice to visit Spain again, especially with it warming up a bit! So I’ve got to decide that pretty soon, hopefully today so I can get some flights booked and finalize all the accommodation.

So yeah… 9 days! Almost there! 25 days sounds like kind of a long time but looking at the itinerary it really isn’t… it’s going to fly by. And with that, I leave you. Goodbye!