T-11 Days

IMG_2574Well I went out and bought my tiny tube of toothpaste, body wash and shampoo, so it must be getting close – right?! It’s all coming back to me… it has been 3 months since I’ve been on a plane, and 6 months since I’ve been off the continent, I’m getting stir crazy over here! I am once again trying to get back into the habit of blogging, so forgive the posts leading up the trip that aren’t that interesting.

First let me say I’ve done a bit of work on the blog and updated the Trips page with all my major trips since 2007, so that’s kinda cool. I also did a theme change etc, so that was fun.

We have finalized most of the bookings for the trip, (which is feeling really weird to me as I typically go with the whole open end kind of thing). I am still struggling with a little thing though – right now, I have something like 5 full days in Marrakech, but it seems that may be a bit too much.

So obviously, I’d like to add another destination!

DSC06242I’m looking around seeing where I haven’t been yet, and what’s within a decent distance of Switzerland and Marrakech (cheap flights!). I’ve come up with a few options, so I’m working on vetting those now and seeing where I wind up. Brussels might be nice, maybe something in Spain… or Portugal? I’ve got to decide somewhat soon. Also finalizing how long I’ll be in Switzerland for – I’ve been talking to Jana, my host sister, and we’re excited to catch up!

It’s going to be a fantastic trip!

DSC04532I think this is also going to be a very picture heavy trip. I haven’t explored Europe too much during the summer, so most of the pictures I have are from colder times. Don’t get me wrong – they’re amazing. But I think summer pictures can be pretty awesome. And it’s easier to take pictures without gloves on :p

Anyway this is quickly becoming a pointless post… the trip is booked, I’ll have a decision on an extra country or not in a the next few days. Packing will be underway shortly – I actually need to pack nice clothes this time, that’ll be weird. Oh and I want to try to take some videos this time!

So in short, I’m ready to go! As usual, you’re welcome to tag along 🙂 Have a good night!

Travel Stats to Date

104 Cities in 36 Countries
341,545 total miles traveled (549,663km)
19% of the world traveled