Preparing for Take Off

elbaHello again, guess who’s back?

The countdown is once again on – I’m preparing to take off for a “quick” European trip on June 1st, 2014. The main event for this trip is the wedding of my cousin and her wonderful fiancée on a beautiful island called Elba just off of Pisa in Italy. I’ve been to Italy before, but never an island, so I’m very much looking forward to this, as well as the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends on the island leading up to, and just after the wedding.

This also marks the first time my Dad will be going to Europe, so I’m a bit excited to play tour guide, and my Mom will be visiting Europe for the umteenth time… she’s an old pro at it. It’s going to be a great trip, and we’re all starting to get excited!

DSC09293So here’s the plan… I’m leaving on the 1st and arriving on the 2nd in Rome, they’re leaving on the 2nd and arriving on the 3rd in Rome, so I’ve got a day to scarf down some pizza and gelato before they arrive. We’re all staying in Rome until the 5th when we will be catching a train to Pisa, renting a car from there and taking the ferry across to Elba. We’re also picking up my cousin Chere in Pisa, looking forward to spending some time with her!

We’ll be in Elba from the 5th to the 9th, with the wedding on Saturday. Looking forward to lots of family time and fun on the island!

We’re leaving on the 9th, taking the car across the ferry again back to Pisa, and then catching a train at some point during the day back to Rome. We might try to stop in Florence depending on how the day goes, both my Mom and I really like the city. We’re overnight in Rome, and then catching an early flight out to Athens on the 10th.

Neither of my parents have been to Greece before so this is going to be lots of fun for them – I love Greece and am looking forward to seeing it again, and I’m also hoping to spend some time on an island or two that I haven’t yet had the chance to visit. We’ll all be in Greece from the 10th – 13th.

On the 13th Mom and Dad head home, and I’m taking off for Switzerland to visit my host sister Jana! She’s in Bern, so I’m looking forward to spending a few days with her. This is where the schedule gets a bit murky – I haven’t decided on exact dates yet. I’ll be there for a “few” days anyway, and from there I’ll take off to Marrakech, Morocco which I’ve heard nothing but good things about. It’s supposed to be beautiful – and cheap. So who can argue with that?

I’ll be there until the 23rd. I booked my flights with KLM this time around and they went above and beyond, messaging me back and forth, to get me a nice little 3 day layover in Amsterdam from the 23rd to 25th, so I’ll be visiting with Laura and Matteo if they’re around, and crashing at their place in The Hague before returning home on the 25th.

So that’s the trip! We’ll have all sorts of cameras, my usual array of technology, SIM cards, etc. so you’ll be coming along as well (like it or not). Keep checking back for some great pictures and some long, boring blog entries about the adventures. I’m working on updating the blog site now just to refresh it a bit.

Talk to you later! 😀