Ahhhhhhhhhh! One more day until home!!!!! Craaaaaaaaaazy!

It was a cold and wet day here today, but I went out for most of it! So go me! I went on a free walking tour this morning at 11am, that went until about 2:30pm and was wonderful, one of the better ones I’ve seen. This is now my third trip to Paris but it was super to have a guide show me around, give me all the stories behind everything, etc. Very energetic and a lot of fun – was terrific.

Met some great people on the tour including another Canadian. Very amusing people. We all had lunch together at a nice little french restaurant after the tour. Overall just lots of fun. Enjoyed it so much that I booked another tour for tonight at 6pm with the same guide – this one wasn’t free, but still very reasonable at 14euro. It was a tour of the Montmartre District, which includes places like Mulan Rouge and all sorts of stuff in that area.

It was wet, and cold, but a great two hours. Beautiful area. I had actually been up here before! Only to the church at the end, but I remembered that Sophie had brought me here to see the view the first time I visited Paris! So it was fun to go back and see it again, and again the tour guide was fantastic. Lots of neat information about this area of Paris that I, otherwise, would not have seen.

After that tour I went out for dinner with a Kiwi/Aussie (Kiwi who moved to Oz, so… Kiwi/Aussie :p), had a great burger at a nice little french restaurant and some great conversation. It’s so interesting to talk to other travelers – arguably, one of the best things about traveling, and easily one of the best things about these walking tours. You meet so many interesting people, and everyone has a different travel story and can share so much experience and “travel wisdom”. Love it.

I wanted to go to the Louvre tonight since they were open until 9:30pm, however I didn’t make it out in time so sadly I missed my chance. It’s also open late on Friday’s, but obviously I will not be around for that πŸ™

Anyway, fun day! Tomorrow is Catacombs and then I think I’ll hit up the Christmas Market and the Louvre if all goes according to plan, and that will end my lovely third stay in Paris. Oh and I might see a movie with Nico at night if there’s something interesting on, and I have a conference call at 11pm to be back for. AND THEN THAT’S IT! Trip over. Back home. Back to work.

Friday at 1:30pm is my flight home, arriving back around 6pm EST. Will be a bit jet lagged I’m sure. I rented a couple iTunes movies for the flight home, got some TV shows to catch up on – it’s two flights unfortunately, a stop over in Iceland – but it’s only for an hour, so whatever. s’all good.

And yeah, that’s my update for today. I do love Paris, such a great city. Oh and I had another crepe on the way back to the apartment tonight πŸ˜›

Night night!