Still tired :p but hello again from Paris

Bonjour! Today was a chill day so I don’t have much for you. Sorted through some pictures, got some work done, etc.

Lovely to have Chere’s place to relax in, and it’s so close to everything around here it’s brilliant. I have, however, formulated a plan for the next couple days, so because you’re just that cool I’ve decided to share it with you.

  • Free walking tour tomorrow, 11am at Place Saint-Michel! Looking forward to this, I always love the free walking tours and I’ve actually taken a walking tour with this same company in another country.
  • There is a Christmas market that was recommended to me as a neat thing to see, so I’ll be dropping by there.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, I will be once again climbing the Eiffel Tower. The tour group I’m going with actually does a tour of the tower too, so maybe I’ll go with them. TBD.
  • The Catacombes in Paris… looks interesting.
  • I think I will return to the Louvre… I quite like the museum, so why not. This one can get pushed if I run out of time, we’ll see how it goes.
  • There’s a Zoo nearby that I think I’ll wind up going to as well

So I think that’s the extent of my plans… oh and possibly a Hitchcock film at a cool theatre nearby if Nico wants to go! So I think that’s a pretty good two day plan, and then on Friday I’ve got a 1:30pm flight out of CDG. A bit of a pain as there’s an hour stopover in Iceland, but *shrug*.

So once again, consider yourself up-to-date.

Later 🙂