Super tired hello from Paris

Bonjour again – this will be short and sweet!

Arrived in Paris today via train from Marseille, was a very pleasant train ride – rainy morning, but was just a short walk from the hostel to the train so not a terribly big deal. Rode 1st class, which cost me all of an extra 5 euro or so, was very nice – comfy seats, power outlet, etc. 3 1/2 hour trip, speedy train, all good. Can’t complain at all – one of the more pleasant ways to travel. And no security lol. So much nicer.

Arrived in Gare Lyon, caught the metro over to Chere’s place where she and Nico have kindly offered to host me once again – very much appreciated. She lives in a lovely part of Paris, easy walk to just about everything useful! It’s perfect 🙂

Met up with Sophie tonight, we went for drinks at a place called the barbershop which had a super comfy looking couch to sit on… which was super uncomfy :p then grabbed a meal down the road. Great to see her again and catch up!!!!

And back to Chere’s I went, got some work done and caught up on internet life, and now I am super tired after a busy day and quite ready to retire to bed.

So that’s my update for today. Take it or leave it.

No specific plans for Paris, though I think I’ll do the tower again since I didn’t on my last visit. Taking it easy.

And now… bed 🙂 Good night!