Bought the ticket home, almost time to say goodbye!

Good evening one and all, and welcome to another edition of whatever this is.

Today was my last full day in Marseille, with my train trip to Paris ready to go tomorrow at 10:30am. It wound up being a rather lazy day, I really didn’t feel much in the mood for museums, and I find if you’re not really in the mood, going to them is just a waste of money. I did a lot of wandering and walked up along the water to where the cruise ships dock, stopped at some cool buildings along the way and wandered around them, and really just generally wandered :p

The weather here has been near perfect, a bit of rain here and there but the temp has been fantastic the entire time I’ve been here. I think Paris is going to be a bit colder, but I am seriously looking forward to a good Crepe again! I haven’t had a single good crepe since leaving Paris, and I’ve tried!!! mmm chocolate banana. So good. Oh, and there’s the other stuff too :p

So yeah Paris tomorrow, 3 hour train ride which is no biggie. I’ve booked my flight home for Friday on Icelandair, which is coincidentally also the airline I used to fly home last time! Last time was first class though :p unfortunately budget constraints prevented that from happening this time around. Sad as always that it’s coming to an end, but I can’t say I’ll miss the hostel showers very much. Some of the beds haven’t been horrible, and as always meeting new people is really the highlight, but meh… home will be nice.

Last night sleeping here was particularly horrible, in the bed across from me I had a guy who snored like a freight train. Ear plugs did not help. So… won’t miss that much :p

Oh and an update on my arm, which you may recall I managed to damage in my stupid fall. I now have more or less full movement, which is lovely, and the scratch on my right arm, while still disgusting looking, seems to be getting much better. Just in time 😉 It’s nice to be able to dress myself without whimpering in pain :p

Anything else of interest for you…hmm… don’t really think so. This is a pretty short & sweet one today. Looking forward to Paris, I’ll see Sophie again and I’m staying with my lovely cousin Chere which will be fantastic. I think I might do the tower again, since I didn’t get to that last time, and we’ll see what else (besides crepes) I get up to.

Ok that’s it, class dismissed. Have a good day 🙂