Goodbye Italy, it’s been fun!

Well it’s been fun – today is my last day in Italy! For now.

I left Bologna by train this morning to head over to Rome for the night – of course the sun came out nice and pretty (the only thing missing from my stay in Bologna) just as my train pulls out of the station. Awesome. And when I arrive in Rome it’s raining! Super. But regardless, I’m back in Rome!!!!

Booked a hostel here this time, a little further away than my hotel last time but still pretty central. Great hostel actually. Seems like I have the room to myself tonight. Not entirely sure how I keep managing to do this. Do I smell?

Anyway I basically got in and went out – it stopped raining, I went out and did a walk through some of the “greatest hits” here. Went to my favourite pizza place down by the unknown soldier monument, saw that, walked up to the Pantheon, wandered into a few (stunning) churches on the way, picked up some Gelato, visited a couple of piazzas, and just generally blew a few hours wandering some of the beauty that is Rome. I was here in January so not too long ago, but it’s a beautiful city at night, and hard to resist walking around.

So tomorrow I’m catching a 1:30pm train to Lyon, France where I’ll spend a few nights. I’m still trying to decide what to do after Lyon… but right now my thought is to stay in France. I was originally thinking of going to Morocco, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to do it justice. So I think I’ll wind up wrapping the trip up in France, visiting somewhere like Marseille before heading to Paris and then home next weekend. Better brush up on my french (bonjour!).

And that’s about it! It’s a pretty short flight tomorrow so no big deal there, and it’s still within the Schengen so no customs. Gotta see if I can reactivate my old France SIM card or if I have to grab a new one, which would be a pain. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve got some international minutes left on my Italian SIM card here so if anyone wants a phone call speak now 😛

That’s it for now I think… looking forward to a crepe in Paris!!! 😀